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2305 2 days ago change (and also fix) conflict markup for RepoPatchV3 needs-screening  
2296 1 week ago WIP adjustments to allow building with ghc-9.6 needs-screening  
2301 1 week ago remove the hashtree parameter for the index (and 2 more) needs-review  
2300 1 week ago diff command: support --look-for-moves and --look-for-... needs-review  
2295 1 week ago resolve issue2702: invalid regex is treated like a bug... needs-review  
2294 1 week ago resolve issue2701: clone ssh repo with Ctrl-C needs-review  
2291 2 months ago make --timings more useful (and 1 more) needs-review  
2289 2 months ago remove UpdatePending parameter from revert/finalize needs-review  
2288 2 months ago resolve issue2700: rebase pull spurious ... (and 1 more) needs-review  
2285 3 months ago resolve issue2699: obliterate and rebase suspend fail ... needs-review  
2281 3 months ago TreeMonad refactors needs-review  
2280 3 months ago avoid asking the last question when nothing was selected needs-review  
2278 3 months ago resolve issue2697: amend --unrecord should move unreco... needs-review  
2276 3 months ago coalescing and the pending patch needs-review  
2275 3 months ago refactor ApplyMonad methods needs-review  
2268 6 months ago optimize reorder: add --deep/--shallow o... (and 3 more) needs-review  
2267 6 months ago ci: checkout and cache actions v2 -> v3 (and 5 more) needs-review  
2264 11 months ago improvements to check/repair needs-review  
2266 6 months ago get rid of class IdEq2 by defining Patch... (and 4 more) needs-review  
2265 11 months ago replace undefined with error calls for missing methods needs-review  
2262 11 months ago cleanups in and around Darcs.Patch.Depends needs-review  
2261 11 months ago add partitionRL', mirroring partitionFL' (and 1 more) needs-review  
2260 11 months ago remove out-commented code in D.UI.C.Repair (and 9 more) needs-review  
2257 12 months ago allow rebase unsuspend when there are unrecorded changes needs-review  
2254 12 months ago unrevert refactors needs-review  
2253 12 months ago harness: split off Darcs.Test.Shell and ... (and 1 more) needs-review  
2251 12 months ago full support for symlinks on Windows needs-review  
2250 12 months ago Darcs.Util.ByteString: use the portable System.Directo... needs-review  
2249 12 months ago tests/lib: make 'not' fail if command re... (and 1 more) needs-review  
2247 12 months ago refactor askAboutDepends and updatePatchHeader needs-review  
2245 12 months ago restore functionality of DARCS_CONNECTIO... (and 1 more) needs-review  
2244 12 months ago support ghc-9.2 (and 2 more) needs-review  
2243 12 months ago fix: hard-linking between repo and cache should be ent... needs-review  
2239 13 months ago simplify getDefaultRepo (and 1 more) needs-review  
2238 13 months ago Darcs.UI.External: cleanup execPSPipe vs... (and 1 more) needs-review  
2237 13 months ago resolve issue2691 needs-review  
2235 14 months ago accept and resolve issue1981: suggest repair when pristine files are missing needs-review  
2233 14 months ago resolve issue1819: external-merge and no-allow-conflicts needs-review  
2227 18 months ago patch index: remove another kludge for b... (and 7 more) review-in-progress  
1885 46 months ago cleanup and simplify Darcs.Patch.Prim.V1... (and 10 more) review-in-progress  
2063 35 months ago add a test for gpg signed send/apply followup-requested bf
1879 46 months ago rewrite Merge FL instance in terms of Me... (and 1 more) followup-requested ganesh
1586 70 months ago feature: push --rebase followup-requested bf
1599 69 months ago fix implementation of match options for clone followup-requested bf
948 130 months ago patch for repository aliases followup-requested jcpetruzza
1832 48 months ago do white space en/decoding directly on the ByteStrings followup-in-progress  
2270 5 months ago Re: darcs patch: clarify help for --hash, --from-hash and... (and 2 in-discussion  
2184 24 months ago more Arbitrary cleanups in-discussion  
2137 29 months ago remove unused (incl. darcsden) V2Job in-discussion  
2075 34 months ago test for whether rebase suspend/unsuspend introduces c... in-discussion  
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