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1796 3 weeks ago don't offer already depended on patches with --ask-deps needs-screening  
1772 2 months ago remove currentDirectory from TreeMonad needs-screening  
1779 2 months ago increase progress rate from 1/s to 10/s needs-screening  
1797 7 days ago add --replay=SEED option to darcs-test (and 20 more) needs-review  
1795 3 weeks ago accept issue2618: option --ask-deps adds too many depe... needs-review  
1792 3 weeks ago inline function Darcs.Patch.Named.namepatch (and 9 more) needs-review  
1794 3 weeks ago enable test for issue436 for darcs-1 format needs-review  
1793 3 weeks ago break overlong lines in partitionConflictingFL needs-review  
1791 4 weeks ago fix several uses of error where it shoul... (and 7 more) needs-review  
1789 1 month ago RepoModel tests: replace Either with an ... (and 8 more) needs-review  
1788 2 months ago several fixes in tests/failed-amend-shou... (and 2 more) needs-review  
1786 2 months ago fix in move command after AnchoredPath refactor needs-review  
1787 2 months ago accept issue2614: clone an unclean tag needs-review  
1784 2 months ago treat path to unrevert bundle like all other repo paths needs-review  
1783 2 months ago simplify addPendingDiffToPending needs-review  
1782 2 months ago remove option --restrict-paths needs-review  
1780 2 months ago minimize context inside unrevert patch at the head of ... needs-review  
1781 2 months ago add progress reporting when creating packs needs-review  
1778 2 months ago replace Darcs.Util.Workaround.renameFile with System.D... needs-review  
1777 2 months ago Darcs.Util.Index: fixed documentation and code layout needs-review  
1776 2 months ago no coloring in progress reports for check/repair needs-review  
1775 2 months ago Assorted collection of minor code cleanups (18 patches) needs-review  
1773 2 months ago create tentative version of rebase patch directly needs-review  
1774 2 months ago in some test scripts, remove test repos before creatin... needs-review  
1769 2 months ago resolve issue2441: use pager for darcs annotate needs-review  
1771 2 months ago fix: insert a valid date when creating anonymous named... needs-review  
1770 2 months ago fix in darcs check: withTempDir -> withDelayedDir needs-review  
1767 2 months ago Minor update to displayPath docs needs-review  
1766 2 months ago Test that the released patch index format is handled ok needs-review  
1790 1 month ago resolve issue2617: convert import crashes with out-of-... review-in-progress ganesh
1738 4 months ago resolve issue1959: no longer require write-access to the index for read-only commands review-in-progress ganesh
1750 4 months ago re-formulate the bad sources hint (and 3 more) review-in-progress ganesh
1586 18 months ago feature: push --rebase followup-requested bf
1599 17 months ago fix implementation of match options for clone followup-requested bf
948 77 months ago patch for repository aliases followup-requested jcpetruzza
1730 5 months ago add RepoPatchV3 aka camp conflictors (and 3 more) followup-in-progress  
1768 2 months ago make it clear that coercing Repository is "unsafe" in-discussion  
1335 46 months ago resolve issue 1721 in-discussion  
1755 4 months ago disentangle D.R.State.filteredWorking accepted-pending-tests ganesh
1785 2 months ago make API of Darcs.Repository.Rebase a bit more type safe accepted-pending-tests  
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