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ID Creation Title Status Assigned To
1844 20 months ago automatically specialize merging and equality for sequences of patches with identity in-discussion  
2138 2 months ago harness: add --cache=[yn] as another column to test script matrix accepted-pending-tests  
2123 2 months ago completion: use '--list-options' before any other option accepted-pending-tests  
2127 2 months ago append slashes to dirs before matching against boring regexps accepted-pending-tests  
2134 2 months ago assorted mostly trivial cleanups accepted-pending-tests  
2133 2 months ago use hires timestamps for the index accepted-pending-tests  
2132 2 months ago add tests/list-options.sh accepted-pending-tests  
2131 2 months ago make writeUnrevert take its arguments in... (and 8 more) accepted-pending-tests bf
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