Issue 2009 output (one) message when downloading patches for a lazy repo

Title output (one) message when downloading patches for a lazy repo
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msg13287 (view) Author: ganesh Date: 2010-12-04.00:24:50
If you have a lazy repo, darcs downloading patches from remote sources 
can be somewhat unexpected. We should output a message once to warn 
people this is happening.

http://irclog.perlgeek.de/darcs/2010-12-03#i_3054805 has a bit more 
msg15105 (view) Author: mulander Date: 2012-02-10.00:25:35
I think this issue is related directly to the problem I reported recently 

Darcs is not informing users about beginning network activity while 
performing various commands on a --lazy repo.
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