Issue 2020 WANT: utf-8 encoding of _darcs/prefs/author

Title WANT: utf-8 encoding of _darcs/prefs/author
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Created on 2010-12-17.17:19:17 by g9ks157k, last changed 2020-08-01.23:51:09 by bfrk.

msg13374 (view) Author: g9ks157k Date: 2010-12-17.17:19:16

the file _darcs/prefs/author is written in the local encoding, not
UTF-8. Therefore, it isn’t portable. Changing the character set or
copying a repo to a another machine that uses a different character set
will produce wrong author names.

Best wishes,
msg16618 (view) Author: kowey Date: 2013-02-16.08:36:30
This looks really easy to fix.

I'm assuming it's fair to mandate UTF-8 in all darcs config files; 
please shout if not.

Person submitting the patch:
- bonus points for documentation update
- more bonus points for having a nose around in our other config file 
readers, eg. the hooks, defaults, etc
msg19347 (view) Author: attila.lendvai Date: 2017-02-12.16:51:53
FTR, this is still true on 2.12.4
msg22373 (view) Author: bfrk Date: 2020-08-01.23:51:06
Issue is still pending. We use the locale encoding because I thought 
that is the most natural thing to do for files that are edited/viewed 
by the human users. Nowadays UTF-8 is a very common encoding for text 
files across various operating systems so we might want to review that 
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