Issue 2495 behavior when conflicts are detected on push or pull

Title behavior when conflicts are detected on push or pull
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Created on 2016-03-12.21:27:58 by bfrk, last changed 2016-04-09.20:21:48 by gh.

msg19076 (view) Author: bfrk Date: 2016-03-12.21:27:54
When darcs encounters conflifts during push or pull, it should offer the
user a choice

 * quit the operation (this is almost always what I want)

 * markup the conflicts

 * suspend the local (when pulling) or remote (when pushing) conflicting
patches, that is, decay into rebase pull or rebase push, respectively.
msg19149 (view) Author: gh Date: 2016-04-09.20:21:46
I agree we should improve on the current situation.

We have a dormant patch for the command "darcs undo", which would be
an alternative to the prompt/menu you propose: enable the user to
restore their repository to the pre-pull state.  See
http://bugs.darcs.net/patch1182 .
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