Issue 2640 darcs rollback filename: no patches selected

Title darcs rollback filename: no patches selected
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msg21851 (view) Author: bfrk Date: 2020-02-18.08:35:27
There is something wrong with file name based patch selection for
rollback. If a patch touches file1 and file2, and another patch depends
on it but only modifies file2, then 'darcs rollback file1' tells us
there are no patches selected. This is clearly wrong.

Here is how to reproduce:

rm -rf R
darcs init R
cd R
echo text > file1
echo text > file2
darcs record -lam file1and2
echo othertext > file2
darcs record -am onlyfile2
darcs rollback -a file1 | tee LOG
not grep -i 'No patches' LOG
darcs whatsnew | tee LOG
grep text LOG
cd ..

This goes back to at least darcs-2.12.5.
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