Issue 2653 Proposal to change darcs repo search

Title Proposal to change darcs repo search
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Created on 2020-08-09.12:43:50 by bfrk, last changed 2020-08-09.12:43:50 by bfrk.

msg22415 (view) Author: bfrk Date: 2020-08-09.12:43:48
One of the first things darcs does (for most commands) is that it 
searches from the CWD upwards to see whether we are somewhere inside a 
darcs repo. This is what I expect that to happen.

What I find surprising is that this also happens even if the directory 
we are in is not under darcs control. I propose we change that. That is, 
darcs should only recognize the fact that we are in a darcs repo if the
original working dir from which darcs was invoked is actually known to 
the the darcs repo (i.e. in recorded or pending).
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