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ID Creation Title Status
2713 1 month ago bug in ghc-9.0.2 causes darcs crash in Ubuntu 23.04 unknown
2712 1 month ago selection: how to treat already decided patches unknown
2711 1 month ago boring file patterns work differently on Linux and Windows/Mac resolved
2710 2 months ago optimize uncompress + compress destroys sharing via hard links unknown
2709 2 months ago add tests to check which patches a tag explicitly depends on unknown
2708 2 months ago an idea to improve mark-conflicts has-patch
2707 3 months ago revisit automatic file name for patch bundles unknown
2706 3 months ago tests failing because of extra "Identifying Repository ." output resolved
2705 3 months ago intermittent bad index in "rebase-amend" test unknown
2704 4 months ago darcs diff: no newline at end of output resolved
2703 4 months ago darcs log hangs after quitting pager unknown
2702 4 months ago darcs log -t '' fails with "This is a bug!" resolved
2701 6 months ago clone ssh repo fails when using Ctrl-C to stop getting patches resolved
2700 7 months ago rebase pull complains about conflicts with unrecorded changes resolved
2699 7 months ago obliterate and rebase suspend fail to adapt pending to the new state resolved
2698 7 months ago command to remove replace changes from pending unknown
2697 7 months ago amend --unrecord should move unrecorded changes to pending resolved
2696 8 months ago some commands (send, push, pull, ...) do not accept the --last option needs-implementation
2695 8 months ago `darcs log --hash x` is not equivalent to `darcs log --matches 'hash x'` resolved
2694 9 months ago IDNs work in HTTP URIs, not in SSH ones unknown
2693 9 months ago Visible stacktrace on bugs.darcs.net unknown
2692 16 months ago improve error handling when commutation of common patches fails unknown
2691 17 months ago QC test failure for betweenLinesPS resolved
2690 17 months ago CVE-2022-24765 unknown
2686 22 months ago boringfile inconsistently applied on one specific repo resolved
2684 24 months ago darcs repair destroys inventory structure unknown
2683 25 months ago push --mirror (aka --force, --obliterate, --clone) unknown
2682 27 months ago conflict not marked if tag pulled at the same time resolved
2677 28 months ago pull --reorder fails to copy patches has-patch
2676 30 months ago darcs bash autocompletion wont-fix
2675 30 months ago darcs pull --keep-working needs-implementation
2674 31 months ago moving unadded files resolved
2673 32 months ago clone: inconsistencies in destination dir (put vs. get) resolved
2672 33 months ago darcs clone creates extraneous "repo:." entries in _darcs/prefs/sources unknown
2671 33 months ago missing inventory files unknown
2670 33 months ago failing patch-index tests resolved
2669 34 months ago cant add linux kernel sources unknown
2668 34 months ago createDirectory: permission denied (Permission denied) resolved
2667 34 months ago darcs init failed with "SetCurrentDirectory "..": permission denied" resolved
2666 34 months ago encoding unit test failed unknown
2665 34 months ago Testing patch metadata encoding: failed unknown
2663 35 months ago most uses of tentativelyAddToPending are wrong resolved
2662 35 months ago --ignore-times not supported by all commands resolved
2661 35 months ago change the "after the latest clean tag" limitation for obliterate and unrecord unknown
2660 35 months ago failing QC test for RepoPatchV1 "merges are valid" given-up
2659 35 months ago darcs 2.16 happily record a patch with an empty message resolved
2658 35 months ago darcs show dependencies shows indirect dependencies too resolved
2657 35 months ago darcs show dependencies doesn't stop at the last clean tag wont-fix
2656 37 months ago PACKAGE_VERSION not propagated to c-sources duplicate
2655 37 months ago building with -fcurl fails: PACKAGE_VERSION is not defined resolved
2654 38 months ago amend --prompt-long-comment removes the long comment resolved
2653 38 months ago Proposal to change darcs repo search unknown
2652 38 months ago `darcs convert import` double-encodes cyrillic characters in UTF-8 input stream duplicate
2651 38 months ago Could you set up HTTPS on dracs.net? needs-implementation
2650 38 months ago format file can be corrupted by rebase commands that initiate a rebase resolved
2649 39 months ago task: cleanup display of patches resolved
2648 39 months ago `darcs convert import` double-encodes cyrillic characters in UTF-8 input stream resolved
2647 39 months ago "Failed to commute common patches" after replacing a patch with its duplicate, then pulling in the original duplicate
2646 39 months ago contrib/darcs-shell no longer works resolved
2645 39 months ago darcs should search for ":" in URLs only up to the first "/" resolved
2644 41 months ago detect "invalid" patches on pull and apply unknown
2643 41 months ago patch index may become corrupt resolved
2642 42 months ago compile version 2.14.2 with ghc 8.8 resolved
2641 42 months ago Missing 'autogen-modules' in darcs.cabal resolved
2640 44 months ago darcs rollback filename: no patches selected unknown
2639 44 months ago darcs diff crashes with --last=1 and file name resolved
2638 45 months ago Slecht nieuws voor jou given-up
2636 49 months ago executable flag can get turned off automatically resolved
2635 49 months ago executable flag and errors with darcs.1 resolved
2634 49 months ago suspending conflicted patches crashes darcs or gives wrong results resolved
2633 50 months ago upgrade darcs status unknown
2632 50 months ago Can we scrap patch bundles with "context"? unknown
2631 50 months ago exception when pulling in darcs repo on vfat file system unknown
2630 51 months ago wish: new command 'darcs traverse' unknown
2629 51 months ago wish: new command 'darcs traverse' given-up
2628 51 months ago Finalise representation of patch names in prims of V3 patches needs-diagnosis/design
2627 52 months ago potential security risk due to copying text files that contain URLs unknown
2626 52 months ago treat applyToWorking more uniformly resolved
2625 52 months ago should catch only IO exceptions when we call applyToWorking resolved
2624 54 months ago <invalid> given-up
2622 55 months ago bugs wont-fix
2621 55 months ago bugs wont-fix
2620 56 months ago bugs duplicate
2619 56 months ago This account has been hacked! Change your password right now! wont-fix
2618 56 months ago option --ask-deps adds too many dependencies resolved
2617 57 months ago convert import crashes with out-of-order tags unknown
2616 57 months ago compilation errors with MonadFail resolved
2615 57 months ago This account has been hacked! Change your password right now! wont-fix
2614 58 months ago fromJust error when cloning an unclean tag resolved
2613 58 months ago http://darcs.net/manual/ is outdated given-up
2612 59 months ago darcs replace gets lost in pending unknown
2611 59 months ago task: add a test for send using http POST unknown
2610 59 months ago add --inherit-default option for clone, push, pull, send etc resolved
2609 59 months ago conflicts on unrevert resolved
2608 59 months ago clone a repo via http with out-dated packs misses patches resolved
2607 59 months ago darcs record is too slow with medium/large numbers of files resolved
2606 59 months ago improve handling of dependency swaps wont-fix
2605 59 months ago darcs crashes with duplicate patches wont-fix
2604 60 months ago Remove --reply option resolved
2603 60 months ago cloning a repo with unresolved conflicts should give a warning and add conflict markup resolved
2602 60 months ago add command 'darcs config' unknown
2601 60 months ago recognize inverse patches during log -v unknown
2600 61 months ago task: improve forward compatibility needs-implementation
2599 61 months ago darcs clone should not touch pending resolved
2598 62 months ago task: issue warning when pending is inconsistent with working tree unknown
2597 62 months ago test wont-fix
2596 63 months ago cabal new-build fails if only library component is built resolved
2595 63 months ago darcs check crashes when there are broken patches/pristine resolved
2594 63 months ago darcs show index breaks test for issue2208 resolved
2593 63 months ago harness: network test can collide with shell test of the same name resolved
2592 64 months ago pending not properly cleaned up when using --look-for options resolved
2591 64 months ago latin9-input regressions on Windows in darcs 2.14 unknown
2590 64 months ago display of metadata should be in local encoding on Windows needs-diagnosis/design
2589 64 months ago darcs 2.14 removed --no-files option from 'show repo' and broke Meld support wont-fix
2588 65 months ago clone creates target repo with wrong permissions resolved
2587 66 months ago proposal: "darcs check --hard" (or --invariants) unknown
2586 67 months ago fix explicit dependencies in log --summary --machine needs-diagnosis/design
2585 67 months ago possibly remove impossible.h resolved
2584 67 months ago darcs-test --hashed reports spurious failures when run in parallel unknown
2583 67 months ago do we still need src/win32/Darcs/Util/CtrlC.hs ? unknown
2582 67 months ago use of </> from native System.FilePath in Darcs.Util.URL.sshFilePathOf resolved
2581 67 months ago rebase pull --reorder-patches does not update _darcs/format resolved
2580 67 months ago task: take advantage of directory, filepath and temporary librares to simplify own code resolved
2579 67 months ago darcs send will not work if no MTA is installed resolved
2578 67 months ago less weak and more useful hash for repo state unknown
2577 67 months ago Broken interoperability with older versions when filenames include non-ASCII chars resolved
2576 67 months ago PatchInfo parsing is broken / needs validation resolved
2575 67 months ago rebase then revert adds the rebase patch to the unrevert bundle resolved
2574 67 months ago unrecord -a --last=1 can be extremely inefficient given-up
2573 67 months ago task: purge darcs of all uses of ByteString internals needs-implementation
2572 67 months ago terminal left in bad state when editor is suspended unknown
2571 67 months ago revisit encoding when reading/writing text files resolved
2570 67 months ago coalesceHunk is programmed in a very strange way unknown
2569 68 months ago bug in decoding multibyte characters crossing a 4096-byte boundary needs-diagnosis/design
2568 68 months ago --unified option broken for most commands unknown
2567 68 months ago darcs whatsnew --unified outputs wrong context lines duplicate
2566 68 months ago clone crashes when target is on different file system resolved
2565 68 months ago spurious warnings about creating nested repository needs-reproduction
2564 68 months ago Checking that B.concat works: [Failed] resolved
2563 68 months ago Regression: network/issue2545_command-execution-via-ssh-uri.sh (Darcs1) resolved
2562 68 months ago canonicalize internal and external representation of token charsets for replace command unknown
2561 68 months ago option --not-in-remote should be more consistent and for more commands unknown
2560 71 months ago second repo cloning slower than first one with darcs 2.12.5 needs-reproduction
2559 72 months ago extra newline inserted to patch description when using editor resolved
2558 72 months ago common file name format for patches, inventories, pristine unknown
2557 72 months ago semantics of --from-match and --to-match unknown
2556 72 months ago apply fails with 'hGetBuf: invalid argument (Invalid argument)' for large patch bundle unknown
2555 72 months ago log -v does not show explicit dependencies unknown
2554 72 months ago extraneous explicit dependencies unknown
2553 72 months ago rebase amend unknown
2552 72 months ago darcs rebase unsuspend --all should stop at the first conflict unknown
2551 73 months ago revert --look-for-adds unknown
2550 73 months ago conflict resolution for non-hunks is rotten resolved
2549 73 months ago If adddir statement ends with trailing slash, patches to delete the directory cannot be pulled by repositories with patch-index enabled. resolved
2548 73 months ago inconsistent pending after addfile f; rm f; mkdir f resolved
2547 73 months ago report total number of files asap when cloning repository pristine unknown
2546 73 months ago sort out the --patch/--to-patch , --XXX/-to-XXX flags meaning across commands unknown
2545 74 months ago Argument smuggling in SSH repository URLs unknown
2544 74 months ago commandExtraArgs should be improved (or removed) unknown
2543 74 months ago darcs push "" throws an 'impossible' exception unknown
2542 74 months ago No patch gets created after sending a bundle resolved
2541 75 months ago whatsnew -l much slower in darcs 2.12.5 resolved
2540 75 months ago output of darcs help markdown resolved
2539 75 months ago export, tags, and optimize reorder resolved
2538 77 months ago invalid given-up
2537 77 months ago Allow / as root directory resolved
2536 78 months ago show files --no-files: can't mix match and pending flags resolved
2535 78 months ago replace changes should be offered first instead of last unknown
2534 78 months ago darcs whatsnew does not invoke a pager unknown
2533 78 months ago check which commands may need --umask resolved
2532 79 months ago none needs-testcase
2531 79 months ago help for non-existing subcommand should indicate failure resolved
2530 79 months ago test fails after lighttpd was installed duplicate
2529 79 months ago Darcs doesn't always return an error code when unable to find a patch resolved
2528 79 months ago none given-up
2527 79 months ago none given-up
2526 79 months ago whatsnew -l --boring does not work resolved
2525 79 months ago help|setpref --list-options only take into account the command itself (none of the arguments given) unknown
2524 80 months ago regression: handling of unicode filenames needs-diagnosis/design
2523 81 months ago OpenBSD kills darcs because of an mprotect W^X violation wont-fix
2522 81 months ago Negate pattern in boring files to re-include a previously excluded file unknown
2521 81 months ago fix cabal new-build for cabal < 2.0 resolved
2520 81 months ago darcs.cabal needs directory 1.3 compatibility resolved
2519 82 months ago Some comments cause posting of the patch to http server to fail needs-reproduction
2517 83 months ago Invalid URI on windows compiled without curl duplicate
2518 83 months ago Invalid URI error when cloning with darcs on windows without curl duplicate
2516 83 months ago Invalid URI error when cloning repo with darcs on windows without curl given-up
2513 85 months ago darcs record test ignores patch dependencies unknown
2512 85 months ago Multiple authors in global config get overwritten resolved
2511 85 months ago manpage does not explain -a unknown
2509 85 months ago Bad link to darcs-2.12.2.tar.gz on the Darcs homepage resolved
2510 85 months ago Unable to build on Windows resolved
2508 85 months ago Log SUDO_USER if exists given-up
2507 85 months ago darcs-2.12.1/tests/network/sshlib: openBinaryFile: does not exist resolved
2506 86 months ago Missing changelog entry in Hackage for darcs 2.12.1 resolved
2505 86 months ago darcs needs to be updated for sandi 0.4+ to be in stackage nightly resolved
2504 86 months ago network tests can prompt for user's password resolved
2503 87 months ago Use of externalPackageDeps in Setup is bad resolved
2502 87 months ago push patches to all repositories in prefs/repos unknown
2501 88 months ago "darcs show files" does not work in a repository with suspended patches resolved
2500 89 months ago darcs amend on darcs-prefs leaves a local change to the darcs-prefs resolved
2499 89 months ago duplicate text when running 'darcs test' unknown
2498 89 months ago ghc 8 breakage and workaround resolved
2497 90 months ago optimize speed of conflict computing in whatsnew -s unknown
2496 90 months ago improve output of darcs whatsnew with file arguments resolved
2495 91 months ago behavior when conflicts are detected on push or pull unknown
2494 91 months ago output of record with missing or not-added file resolved
2493 91 months ago Darcs.Patch.Apply.effectOnFilePaths broken/incomplete? needs-diagnosis/design
2492 93 months ago build regression with 2.10.3 wont-fix
2491 93 months ago optimize 'slightlyOptimizePatchset' for big inventories unknown
2490 93 months ago delete empty directories while importing from git resolved
2489 93 months ago properly dequote filepaths while importing from git resolved
2488 93 months ago matching a list of patches should be lazy unknown
2487 93 months ago Please join stackage resolved
2486 94 months ago obliterate --not-in-remote -q should be more quiet resolved
2485 94 months ago external resolution for unsuspend not implemented yet unknown
2484 94 months ago command to call external merge tool (perhaps, darcs mark-conflicts option) unknown
2483 94 months ago http://hub.darcs.net/darcs/darcs-wiki is not a true mirror: it has extra (spam?) patches resolved
2482 94 months ago darcs mark-conflicts FILE unknown
2481 95 months ago darcsden would like an API to use 'darcs diff' resolved
2480 95 months ago Unicode support when viewing chagnges with `whatsnew` command needs-testcase
2479 95 months ago BUG: Error descending in modifyTree resolved
2478 96 months ago refactor Darcs.Patch.Prim.V1.Apply resolved
2477 96 months ago Update darcs wiki to newest version of gitit unknown
2476 96 months ago refactor cloning code in two main cases unknown
2475 97 months ago Resolved given-up
2474 97 months ago Ticket 187 given-up
2473 97 months ago test issue given-up
2468 97 months ago unit tests for SelectChanges module unknown
2467 97 months ago darcs send commit message editing should tell you how to abort given-up
2466 98 months ago `darcs convert export` turns some Darcs tags into Git comments insead of tags unknown
2465 99 months ago detect failing ssh connexions right away unknown
2464 99 months ago cache system shoud use existing ssh connexion first given-up
2463 99 months ago Building darcs on powerpc resolved
2462 100 months ago --remote-darcs gets ignored for transfer-mode unknown
2461 100 months ago darcs log --repo=remoterepo creates and populates _darcs resolved
2460 100 months ago compiling with GHC 7.10.1 : no colors in terminal given-up
2459 100 months ago cloning remote repo fails to use packs if cache is on a different partition resolved
2458 100 months ago rename matching options for dist, show files/contents, annotate unknown
2457 100 months ago darcs-test command line options behave strangely resolved
2456 100 months ago darcs.cabal: add "source-repository this" in darcs.cabal for release branches needs-implementation
2455 101 months ago darcs record -la does not see a rmfile change wont-fix
2454 101 months ago "darcs help markdown" and "darcs help manpage" should use a pager resolved
2453 101 months ago XDG spec support given-up
2452 102 months ago darcs clone - fatal error - delete file permission denied given-up
2451 102 months ago terminfo-0.4 support resolved
2450 102 months ago dataenc is deprecated in favour of sandi resolved
2449 102 months ago test harness/shelly: need to handle mis-encoded/binary data resolved
2448 103 months ago let `darcs diff` accept the -h/--hash flag resolved
2447 103 months ago get contents of deleted file resolved
2446 103 months ago cleanly convert file moves in "convert export" resolved
2445 103 months ago internal error if suspended patch is pulled into repository again resolved
2444 104 months ago default interactivity of 'log' and 'rebase log' differs resolved
2443 104 months ago timestamp index keeps information about files added by unrecorded patches needs-diagnosis/design
2442 104 months ago matching options for show contents unknown
2441 104 months ago annotate should use pager (like log) resolved
2440 104 months ago use case for rebase push or push --obliterate unknown
2439 104 months ago failure upgrading darcs-1.0 repository given-up
2438 104 months ago patch index creation makes cloning much slower resolved
2437 105 months ago cloning new repository with one patch from local path to ssh fails resolved
2436 105 months ago rollback --patches takes ages before first prompt needs-diagnosis/design
2435 105 months ago scp noise when cloning from ssh wont-fix
2434 105 months ago When a patch is pushed to a repo with the 'apply --test' default set darcs test runs twice unknown
2433 105 months ago darcs help texts are often out-dated resolved
2432 105 months ago pull --reorder does not commute reordered patches resolved
2431 105 months ago darcs leaves empty files in repo resolved
2430 105 months ago sub-command rebase amend unknown
2429 105 months ago convert export looses file resolved
2428 105 months ago incremental convert import into an existing repo unknown
2427 105 months ago incremental darcs convert export is broken resolved
2426 105 months ago with rebase in progress, --last is off by one duplicate
2425 107 months ago broken repo when using darcs init shortly after copying files given-up
2424 107 months ago First push fails, second succeeds resolved
2423 107 months ago diff only respecting --diff-command when a diff.exe is present resolved
2422 107 months ago can't build on Debian stable (ghc 7.4.1) resolved
2421 107 months ago Couldn't fetch ... while pulling (was: cloning) darcs repo resolved
2420 107 months ago darcs apply autocompletion is too slow resolved
2419 107 months ago darcs changes: cannot override default -i with -a from command line resolved
2418 108 months ago add versioning to on-disk format of patch index resolved
2417 108 months ago cabal test failed for Darcs.Patch.Prim.V1: commute is effect preserving given-up
2416 108 months ago ounparse is not always a proper inverse for oparse needs-diagnosis/design
2415 108 months ago Test suite hashed-storage-test: FAIL given-up
2414 108 months ago log -h/--hash does not always work resolved
2413 108 months ago view a Darcs patch file as if it were applied in a repo given-up
2412 108 months ago clarify how certain darcs log options interact given-up
2411 108 months ago whatsnew --look-for-moves takes ages to complete resolved
2410 108 months ago --look-for-replaces does not work in real world cases resolved
2409 108 months ago darcs rebase apply resolved
2408 109 months ago Possible problem with Cabal <= 1.16 needs-diagnosis/design
2407 110 months ago Cannot build darcs with ghc-7.8.2 resolved
2406 111 months ago Darcs crashes often on Server 2012 environments given-up
2405 111 months ago patch index creation consumes too much memory resolved
2404 112 months ago darcs convert export ignores --repodir resolved
2403 112 months ago darcs rebase pull --reorder crashes in src/Darcs/Patch/Depends.hs:275 resolved
2402 112 months ago No windows binaries for latest release given-up
2401 112 months ago License given-up
2400 113 months ago clone from/to remote: couldn't fetch XXX from sources resolved
2399 113 months ago Darcs.Patch.V2 (using Prim.V1): ... Failed duplicate
2398 113 months ago --xml is incompatible with --interactive given-up
2397 113 months ago --xml should be replaced with --json given-up
2396 113 months ago maybe convert should be a super command resolved
2395 113 months ago log --[no-]only-to-files deserves to be better documented given-up
2394 113 months ago optimize and convert options are actually sub-commands resolved
2393 113 months ago whatsnew functionality in annotate should be removed resolved
2392 113 months ago trackdown --bisect could start at a given position unknown
2391 114 months ago unwanted colorization control chars on dumb terminal (Unicode text) needs-diagnosis/design
2390 114 months ago broken build resolved
2389 114 months ago non-Latin (e.g. Cyrillic) letters not printed in the output of whatsnew (and record) needs-diagnosis/design
2388 114 months ago darcs optimise fails if no patches have been recorded resolved
2387 114 months ago Say which files would be reverted by an obliterate and offer to revert unknown
2386 114 months ago A file with no trailing newline characters gives strange diff output needs-diagnosis/design
2385 114 months ago darcs log is too slow resolved
2384 114 months ago Supply last known good version to trackdown given-up
2383 114 months ago Using last regrets/hunk edit can lead to "Error applying" error unknown
2382 114 months ago Renaming directory into shadowed file gives bad error message duplicate
2381 114 months ago Cannot darcs mv file to file that did exist but has been removed in working duplicate
2380 114 months ago Cannot darcs mv file to file that did exist but has been removed in working resolved
2379 115 months ago only clone repositories with packs when they are up-to-date has-patch
2378 115 months ago moving a directory to a file makes repo unusable resolved
2377 115 months ago darcs amend crashes in src/Darcs/Repository/PatchIndex.hs:246 resolved
2376 115 months ago pull --reorder resolved
2375 115 months ago upgrade to GPLv3 given-up
2374 115 months ago garbage collection of global cache resolved
2373 115 months ago darcs dist should be able to create reproducible tar balls unknown
2372 115 months ago Please remove "HINT: I could not reach..." message resolved
2371 115 months ago user defined command aliases needs-implementation
2370 115 months ago Irrefutable pattern failed for pattern Data.Maybe.Just a2'o given-up
2369 115 months ago Merge commute unit test fails given-up
2368 115 months ago darcs annotate should use pager (if available and has a tty etc) unknown
2367 115 months ago amend --unrecord should be more visible resolved
2366 115 months ago cannot build screened: hashed-storage-0.5.11 not available resolved
2365 115 months ago whatsnew fails in repos made with get --no-working-dir resolved
2364 115 months ago missing pristine file with GHC 7.8 resolved
2363 115 months ago distributed github-like isse tracker, wiki, and social features given-up
2362 115 months ago cleanup or prevent temporary files left by darcs in the working copy resolved
2361 116 months ago optimize --reorder runs forever with one repository resolved
2360 116 months ago my title given-up
2359 117 months ago convert --export mishandles Unicode filenames resolved
2358 117 months ago convert export changes executable permissions deferred
2357 117 months ago darcs failed: Text.Regex.Posix.String died: (ReturnCode 17,"illegal byte sequence") resolved
2356 117 months ago case insensitive filesystem: mv dir/f dir/f2 = Dir is inexistent given-up
2355 118 months ago PACKAGE_VERSION_STATE prevents Darcs to build on Mavericks given-up
2354 118 months ago missing Darcs functionality given-up
2353 119 months ago darcs doesn't show old changes of moved files resolved
2352 119 months ago incorrectly displays unicode patch messages in a unicode terminal given-up
2351 119 months ago test given-up
2350 119 months ago darcs cha shorthand no longer works given-up
2349 119 months ago send -O overwrites existing files given-up
2348 119 months ago Please use the new testing interface instead resolved
2347 120 months ago amend-record and amend-unrecord ignore --prompt-long-comment resolved
2346 120 months ago Darcs outputs only the lowest octet of each characters given-up
2345 121 months ago misleading error from -liconv check in Setup.lhs resolved
2344 122 months ago test given-up
2343 122 months ago darcs amend-record does not record my change resolved
2341 123 months ago fix packs getting resolved
2340 123 months ago Invoking darcs on Windows with "--repodir='WINDOWSPATH'" fails when WINDOWSPATH is in single quotes given-up
2339 123 months ago Darcs send ... on latest windows build hangs given-up
2338 123 months ago fix darcs dependencies with regards to Haskell Platform at time of release resolved
2337 123 months ago cabal install fails with: "setup: Most RTS options are disabled. Link with -rtsopts to enable them." wont-fix
2336 123 months ago edit in interactive darcs record breaks patches resolved
2335 123 months ago Darcs add on a directory is too verbose with regards to existing files resolved
2334 124 months ago Tip can't build on windows - File.hs / System.Posix.Files.ownerModes resolved
2333 124 months ago Error message when pushing and darcs not in path resolved
2332 124 months ago Attempting to enter default choice key literally gives unhelpful message resolved
2331 124 months ago darcs changes lies with Not a repository: user@remote.com:/home/user/foo given-up
2330 124 months ago more precise conflicts reporting unknown
2329 124 months ago Partial repository checkout given-up
2328 124 months ago New option -a/--all to darcs add unknown
2327 125 months ago grrr, couldn't get lock detection way too late! resolved
2326 125 months ago push doesn't support --[to|from]-[m|p]atch given-up
2325 126 months ago darcs: getCurrentDirectory: does not exist (No such file or directory) needs-reproduction
2324 126 months ago add explicit editor property given-up
2323 126 months ago Darcs should support resuming from transient access denied errors given-up
2322 126 months ago a command to turn lazy repositories into complete ones unknown
2321 126 months ago when no patch name given, directly invoke text editor resolved
2320 126 months ago save prompted author name in ~/.darcs/author instead of ./_darcs/prefs/author resolved
2319 126 months ago changing command defaults to interactive breaks tools resolved
2318 127 months ago hashed_inventory is vulnerable to unguided search and replace unknown
2317 127 months ago Line colouring ignored when listing changes at last regrets resolved
2316 127 months ago darcs --commands does not list all commands given-up
2315 127 months ago Word-based or word-by-word diff for collaborative writing and wikis given-up
2314 128 months ago cannot put "obliterate output-auto-name" in defaults file resolved
2313 128 months ago whatsnew -l: Stack space overflow resolved
2312 128 months ago posthooks for 'record' and 'amend-record' should receive DARCS_PATCHES resolved
2311 128 months ago posthook for 'get' should run in created repo resolved
2310 128 months ago rollback of rmfile foo doesn't readd foo to pending resolved
2309 128 months ago Annotate doesn't indicate line numbers resolved
2308 128 months ago Changes aren't listed when using amend --edit resolved
2307 129 months ago document "darcs help markdown" and "darcs help manpage" (ProbablyiEasy) resolved
2306 129 months ago darcs get --to-patch very-old-patch only goes back to last tag given-up
2305 129 months ago darcs get --to-patch should not fail on Ctrl-C given-up
2304 129 months ago Index resolved
2303 129 months ago failure to create patch index results in: "darcs: /repo/filecache-tmp-3: rename: unsatisified constraints (Directory not empty ) given-up
2302 129 months ago darcs-test "canonicalizePath" path diagnostic should report the file it was testing. given-up
2301 129 months ago WANT: test-framework args in darcs-test given-up
2300 129 months ago wish: flag to disable --exact-version given-up
2299 129 months ago darcs Setup.lhs with cabal HEAD broken (withTempFile changed) resolved
2298 129 months ago Bug fixes on my device wont-fix
2297 129 months ago Support x86_64 on Windows needs-diagnosis/design
2296 129 months ago In wiki, there is a wrong info about archlinux resolved
2295 129 months ago file index should use sub-second resolution if possible resolved
2294 130 months ago darcs annotate fails to include some lines when patch index is enabled. needs-testcase
2293 130 months ago Patch index update reads too much resolved
2292 130 months ago darcs depends on old version of tar resolved
2291 130 months ago darcs rebase suspend enters the rebase-in-progress state too early, causing "rebase in progress with 0 patches " duplicate
2290 130 months ago Document which subcommands export env variables to posthook (Probably Easy) needs-implementation
2289 131 months ago No progress messages when creating patch index unknown
2288 131 months ago No way to determine which (if any) tag(s) "contain" a patch unknown
2287 131 months ago darcs ob -O will overwrite existing files resolved
2286 131 months ago darcs changes: basic usage results in "invalid byte sequence" resolved
2285 131 months ago wish: push --bundle foo.dpatch given-up
2284 131 months ago darcs changes --repo http://darcs.net --last 1 tries to build patch index resolved
2283 131 months ago darcs get --tag gets more patches than it should duplicate
2282 131 months ago Attemping to pull from a rebase-in-progress repo shows patch which should never been seen. resolved
2281 131 months ago obliterate --dry-run: AVOID: darcs failed: Can't obliterate patch without reverting some unrecorded change. needs-diagnosis/design
2280 131 months ago failure on NFS needs-reproduction
2279 131 months ago darcs rebase obliterate should support same matching options as darcs obliterate given-up
2278 131 months ago --keep-date / --no-keep-date default is not documented resolved
2277 131 months ago darcs rebase unsuspend should have a --summary option resolved
2276 131 months ago darcs rebase unsuspend needs UI improvements for "You are not... Amend anyway?" resolved
2275 131 months ago Darcs follows symbolic links instead of properly ignoring them resolved
2274 131 months ago darcs convert appears to inefficiently frequently create the patch index. resolved
2273 131 months ago unrevert context with mergers can cause major slowdowns needs-diagnosis/design
2272 131 months ago darcs rebase unsuspend should automate or semi-automate handling unrecorded changes needs-implementation
2271 132 months ago darcs optimize --disable-patch-index should fail if it lacks write access to the patch index files resolved
2270 132 months ago darcs changes -i --only-to-files reports changes to all files resolved
2269 132 months ago rebase should warn about stolen patches at suspend, not unsuspend resolved
2268 132 months ago darcs 2.8 does not build from cabal on Mac OS X given-up
2267 132 months ago darcs fails to print help for --match resolved
2266 132 months ago darcs get with patch argument fails on Mac OSX: bad error message given-up
2265 132 months ago Can't apply patch files with names containing ':'s wont-fix
2264 132 months ago Attempting to oblit into a file containing '/'s will fail needs-implementation
2263 132 months ago option --set-scripts-executable is not properly documented resolved
2262 133 months ago display of meta-data should be in local encoding resolved
2261 133 months ago wish: new darcs posthook env variable: DARCS_SUBJECT unknown
2260 133 months ago darcs changes --last n doesn't take account of rebase patch resolved
2259 133 months ago Only working on my own patches given-up
2258 133 months ago darcs optimize --patch-index reports: "darcs: error: patch index entry for file ./foo.html created >1 times." resolved
2257 133 months ago Get Impossible case in Depends.hs when obliterate with a subset of patches selected given-up
2256 133 months ago diff/whatsnew: Unexpected failure in updateIndex! when they perform no action needs-testcase
2255 133 months ago colon in cwd causes darcs get to fail resolved
2254 133 months ago Push/Send without repos pref file gives unhelpful error resolved
2253 133 months ago failure trying to make index in darcs-1.0 repo resolved
2252 133 months ago Darcs 2.8.2 segfaults on get/pull resolved
2251 133 months ago darcs diff filename fails with " replace patch to ./foo.c couldn't apply." needs-diagnosis/design
2250 133 months ago Badly aligned Subcommands for `darcs show --help` resolved
2249 133 months ago findRepository has a bogus-looking case when given a file, not directory resolved
2248 133 months ago Rebase status message printed even if no patches suspended resolved
2247 133 months ago Rebase status messages being printed twice resolved
2246 133 months ago A emacs saved session (desktop) darcs_boring entry resolved
2245 133 months ago darcs tag should warn about uncommited changes given-up
2244 133 months ago darcs tag should warn about duplicate tags resolved
2243 133 months ago unknown patch in annotate with empty first line of file resolved
2242 134 months ago rollback mv patches confuses darcs given-up
2241 134 months ago New context commands: pull --context/ob --context given-up
2240 134 months ago getSymbolicLinkStatus: inappropriate type (Not a directory) given-up
2239 134 months ago darcs send to nowhere should create bundle with empty context given-up
2238 134 months ago darcs wh -ll suggests unadded files are added resolved
2237 134 months ago gzcrcs test failure with 2.9.5 resolved
2236 134 months ago Should be able to answer 'n' to y/n question in last regrets resolved
2235 134 months ago accept RFC 2822 dates resolved
2234 134 months ago Cant rollback under a tag, if affected filename is given needs-diagnosis/design
2233 134 months ago darcs get --context with missing patches error doesn't tell us which patches are missing resolved
2232 134 months ago `get -t` fails late needs-implementation
2231 134 months ago teratorn.org expired resolved
2230 134 months ago darcs get --context with invalid context fails too late resolved
2229 134 months ago adding a too-large file "breaks" the index, preventing subsequent revert/record resolved
2228 134 months ago pager doesn't try to interpret colour control codes resolved
2227 134 months ago trying to recontext rebase without rebase patch at head (not match) resolved
2226 134 months ago make sure to do patch index creation last resolved
2225 135 months ago add an "obliterate local-only patches" option resolved
2224 135 months ago if there are a lot of changes in a file, offer to record all? (add a "tips" system?) needs-diagnosis/design
2223 135 months ago whatsnew on moved file is strange needs-testcase
2222 135 months ago task: QuickCheck crudeSift vs siftForPending needs-implementation
2221 135 months ago when no remote repo is set, shouldn't darcs push automatically set-default? unknown
2220 135 months ago Color darcs diff output needs-diagnosis/design
2219 135 months ago no-working grab bag needs-diagnosis/design
2218 135 months ago darcs UI too chatty? needs-diagnosis/design
2217 136 months ago getSymbolicLinkStatus: does not exist error on weird hashed pristine filename duplicate
2216 136 months ago couldn't find first patch affecting X in pis_and_fs given-up
2215 136 months ago darcs get hangs when it can't write to the user's cache given-up
2214 136 months ago Separate patch pretty printers from on-disk printers unknown
2213 136 months ago last regrets doesn't respect dependencies when going back wont-fix
2212 136 months ago pending incorrectly being updated with extra changes upon darcs add resolved
2211 136 months ago darcs warns newly added file not in repo only if explicitly mentioned on command line given-up
2210 136 months ago last regrets with single patch being selected wont-fix
2209 136 months ago Automatically detect replace resolved
2208 136 months ago replace fails even if unrecorded change would make it succeed given-up
2207 136 months ago Annotate on directories fails resolved
2206 137 months ago Coбepем для Bac по сети интернет базy gанныx wont-fix
2205 137 months ago better ui when diff has multiple matches on a single patch given-up
2204 137 months ago do not send email by default resolved
2203 137 months ago darcs wh should only list toplevel deleted directories wont-fix
2202 137 months ago test/disregard resolved
2201 137 months ago test (sorry!) resolved
2200 138 months ago darcs replace without filepaths should warn the user that nothing was done resolved
2199 138 months ago get --tag gets too many patches if tag is dirty resolved
2198 138 months ago refactor Darcs.Test and Darcs.Repository.Internal.testAny resolved
2197 138 months ago darcs apply: failed to commute common patches given-up
2196 138 months ago darcs doesn't expand "~" paths? unknown
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