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2713 3 weeks ago bug in ghc-9.0.2 causes darcs crash in Ubuntu 23.04 unknown bfrk
2703 2 months ago darcs log hangs after quitting pager unknown falsifian
2690 2 months ago CVE-2022-24765 unknown gpiero
2705 2 months ago intermittent bad index in "rebase-amend" test unknown ganesh
2379 5 months ago only clone repositories with packs when they are up-to-date has-patch gh
2693 7 months ago Visible stacktrace on bugs.darcs.net unknown gpiero
2694 8 months ago IDNs work in HTTP URIs, not in SSH ones unknown gpiero
2456 39 months ago darcs.cabal: add "source-repository this" in darcs.cabal for release branches needs-implementation mimi.vx
2488 39 months ago matching a list of patches should be lazy unknown gh
2325 39 months ago darcs: getCurrentDirectory: does not exist (No such file or directory) needs-reproduction jasongross9
2465 39 months ago detect failing ssh connexions right away unknown gh
2560 39 months ago second repo cloning slower than first one with darcs 2.12.5 needs-reproduction gh
2565 39 months ago spurious warnings about creating nested repository needs-reproduction bfrk
2644 41 months ago detect "invalid" patches on pull and apply unknown bfrk
2640 43 months ago darcs rollback filename: no patches selected unknown bfrk
2632 50 months ago Can we scrap patch bundles with "context"? unknown bfrk
2631 50 months ago exception when pulling in darcs repo on vfat file system unknown bfrk
2627 51 months ago potential security risk due to copying text files that contain URLs unknown bfrk
2617 56 months ago convert import crashes with out-of-order tags unknown bfrk
2598 61 months ago task: issue warning when pending is inconsistent with working tree unknown bfrk
2584 66 months ago darcs-test --hashed reports spurious failures when run in parallel unknown bfrk
2583 66 months ago do we still need src/win32/Darcs/Util/CtrlC.hs ? unknown gh
2568 68 months ago --unified option broken for most commands unknown bfrk
2556 71 months ago apply fails with 'hGetBuf: invalid argument (Invalid argument)' for large patch bundle unknown mihaigiurgeanu
2557 72 months ago semantics of --from-match and --to-match unknown bfrk
2555 72 months ago log -v does not show explicit dependencies unknown bfrk
2554 72 months ago extraneous explicit dependencies unknown bfrk
2547 73 months ago report total number of files asap when cloning repository pristine unknown gh
2546 73 months ago sort out the --patch/--to-patch , --XXX/-to-XXX flags meaning across commands unknown gh
2545 74 months ago Argument smuggling in SSH repository URLs unknown mithrandi
2544 74 months ago commandExtraArgs should be improved (or removed) unknown bfrk
2543 74 months ago darcs push "" throws an 'impossible' exception unknown bfrk
2525 74 months ago help|setpref --list-options only take into account the command itself (none of the arguments given) unknown gpiero
2477 78 months ago Update darcs wiki to newest version of gitit unknown waldyrious
2499 88 months ago duplicate text when running 'darcs test' unknown lemming
2497 90 months ago optimize speed of conflict computing in whatsnew -s unknown gh
2491 93 months ago optimize 'slightlyOptimizePatchset' for big inventories unknown gh
2476 96 months ago refactor cloning code in two main cases unknown gh
2462 100 months ago --remote-darcs gets ignored for transfer-mode unknown bfrk
2383 3 weeks ago Using last regrets/hunk edit can lead to "Error applying" error unknown owst
2651 17 months ago Could you set up HTTPS on dracs.net? needs-implementation mwkward
2573 38 months ago task: purge darcs of all uses of ByteString internals needs-implementation bfrk
2710 1 month ago optimize uncompress + compress destroys sharing via hard links unknown bfrk
1105 2 months ago defaults file silently rejects abbreviations needs-implementation kowey
2074 5 months ago AVOID: failure when aborting obliterate that will disallow unrevert has-patch owst
1819 5 months ago pull --dont-allow-conflicts doesn't work w external-merge has-patch fx
2072 5 months ago move patches aren't properly coalesced has-patch ganesh
1981 5 months ago local pristine file error message should tell user to run darcs repair has-patch gh
2264 10 months ago Attempting to oblit into a file containing '/'s will fail needs-implementation owst
2692 16 months ago improve error handling when commutation of common patches fails unknown bfrk
2591 17 months ago latin9-input regressions on Windows in darcs 2.14 unknown ganesh
2458 17 months ago rename matching options for dist, show files/contents, annotate unknown bfrk
2665 17 months ago Testing patch metadata encoding: failed unknown bfrk
2666 17 months ago encoding unit test failed unknown bfrk
2669 17 months ago cant add linux kernel sources unknown tankf33der
2671 17 months ago missing inventory files unknown bfrk
2677 17 months ago pull --reorder fails to copy patches has-patch bfrk
2684 23 months ago darcs repair destroys inventory structure unknown bfrk
2672 32 months ago darcs clone creates extraneous "repo:." entries in _darcs/prefs/sources unknown bfrk
2318 37 months ago hashed_inventory is vulnerable to unguided search and replace unknown ganesh
2442 38 months ago matching options for show contents unknown bfrk
2519 38 months ago Some comments cause posting of the patch to http server to fail needs-reproduction isp
2280 38 months ago failure on NFS needs-reproduction fx
1717 38 months ago Confusing behaviour when "No newline at end of file" deferred twb
1746 38 months ago whatsnew -l reading files it should not (2.4) needs-implementation quick
1442 38 months ago does the darcs encoding/decoding of filenames round-trip? needs-reproduction kowey
1461 51 months ago case-folding can lead to working directory corruption unknown kowey
2612 58 months ago darcs replace gets lost in pending unknown bfrk
2038 66 months ago darcs get --tag should not match on a regexp unknown bfr
2572 67 months ago terminal left in bad state when editor is suspended unknown bfrk
2570 67 months ago coalesceHunk is programmed in a very strange way unknown bfrk
2562 68 months ago canonicalize internal and external representation of token charsets for replace command unknown bfrk
2434 105 months ago When a patch is pushed to a repo with the 'apply --test' default set darcs test runs twice unknown sdunifon
2114 143 months ago behavior of darcs pull --allow-conflicts is not documented unknown markstos
454 145 months ago darcs + scp doesn't work for paths with whitespace needs-reproduction giksos
2080 149 months ago darcs: bug at src/Darcs/Patch/Commute.lhs:598 compiled Jun 13 2011 15:04:04 needs-reproduction nomeata
1143 153 months ago darcs changes --xml is not consistently encoded waiting-for twb
2022 155 months ago obliterate stops at the last tag unknown kowey
1241 155 months ago rollback doesn't look beyond a tag needs-reproduction drewp
2708 2 weeks ago an idea to improve mark-conflicts has-patch bfrk
2712 3 weeks ago selection: how to treat already decided patches unknown bfrk
2468 4 weeks ago unit tests for SelectChanges module unknown gh
2675 2 months ago darcs pull --keep-working needs-implementation lemming
2709 2 months ago add tests to check which patches a tag explicitly depends on unknown bfrk
2707 2 months ago revisit automatic file name for patch bundles unknown bfrk
2696 3 months ago some commands (send, push, pull, ...) do not accept the --last option needs-implementation gpiero
1190 5 months ago conflict marking for hunk/replace conflicts needs-implementation dagit
2272 5 months ago darcs rebase unsuspend should automate or semi-automate handling unrecorded changes needs-implementation markstos
2698 7 months ago command to remove replace changes from pending unknown bfrk
1535 9 months ago packed storage combining many small files into fewer larger ones unknown kowey
2683 24 months ago push --mirror (aka --force, --obliterate, --clone) unknown bfrk
2661 35 months ago change the "after the latest clean tag" limitation for obliterate and unrecord unknown bfrk
2653 37 months ago Proposal to change darcs repo search unknown bfrk
2138 38 months ago whatsnew --summary does not report conflict marker needs-implementation lelegaifax
2020 38 months ago WANT: utf-8 encoding of _darcs/prefs/author needs-implementation g9ks157k
1704 38 months ago directory with name "core" is considered by darcs as boring file   dixiecko
1505 38 months ago context files with file hashes   maxbattcher
833 38 months ago wish: fancy conflict markers (with named patch) waiting-for simon
1556 38 months ago task: abandon tentative files and keep the information in memory needs-implementation kowey
1688 38 months ago drop MAPI support   kowey
2466 39 months ago `darcs convert export` turns some Darcs tags into Git comments insead of tags unknown asr
2633 49 months ago upgrade darcs status unknown bfrk
2602 51 months ago add command 'darcs config' unknown bfrk
2482 53 months ago darcs mark-conflicts FILE unknown gh
2611 58 months ago task: add a test for send using http POST unknown bfrk
2601 60 months ago recognize inverse patches during log -v unknown bfrk
2600 60 months ago task: improve forward compatibility needs-implementation bfrk
2578 67 months ago less weak and more useful hash for repo state unknown bfrk
2561 68 months ago option --not-in-remote should be more consistent and for more commands unknown bfrk
2552 70 months ago darcs rebase unsuspend --all should stop at the first conflict unknown bfrk
2553 72 months ago rebase amend unknown bfrk
2551 72 months ago revert --look-for-adds unknown bfrk
2502 74 months ago push patches to all repositories in prefs/repos unknown lemming
2513 74 months ago darcs record test ignores patch dependencies unknown sap
288 74 months ago search feature in interactive patch selection needs-implementation kowey
2368 74 months ago darcs annotate should use pager (if available and has a tty etc) unknown bfrk
1976 74 months ago darcs get could handle missing pristine files more graciously needs-implementation gh
2534 78 months ago darcs whatsnew does not invoke a pager unknown bfrk
2484 91 months ago command to call external merge tool (perhaps, darcs mark-conflicts option) unknown imz
1911 93 months ago easy way to find out which patches conflict with which needs-reproduction kowey
2328 94 months ago New option -a/--all to darcs add unknown waldyrious
2485 94 months ago external resolution for unsuspend not implemented yet unknown imz
1898 104 months ago when interacting with non-default repo, remind user about --set-default   kowey
2232 105 months ago `get -t` fails late needs-implementation owst
555 112 months ago wish: cheap in-repo local branches deferred devurandom
2392 113 months ago trackdown --bisect could start at a given position unknown imz
2005 115 months ago the result of ``darcs changes --from-tag X --count`` depends on ``darcs optimize --reorder``... unknown gh
2050 115 months ago UI improvement in selecting tags in darcs rollback needs-reproduction duncan.coutts
2330 124 months ago more precise conflicts reporting unknown gh
2290 129 months ago Document which subcommands export env variables to posthook (Probably Easy) needs-implementation markstos
906 131 months ago wish: injecting mail (darcs send) directly into remote MTA via SMTP unknown twb
2221 135 months ago when no remote repo is set, shouldn't darcs push automatically set-default? unknown kowey
1598 136 months ago task: replace Printer module with third party one needs-reproduction kowey
2196 138 months ago darcs doesn't expand "~" paths? unknown ssbr
1960 138 months ago rethink preferences system waiting-for kowey
1639 139 months ago resume/restart HTTP connections needs-implementation kowey
1545 139 months ago account for missing PATH when calling other software needs-implementation attila.lendvai
1806 139 months ago better error message when just posthook fails needs-implementation kowey
1323 140 months ago make more modest claims about ISO 8601 implementation needs-implementation gwern
1387 140 months ago darcs whatsnew --summary: diffstat style needs-implementation twb
1567 140 months ago deforestation/fusion on RL/FL needs-implementation kowey
1805 147 months ago changepref idempotency should be a noop needs-implementation twb
2078 149 months ago Print paths relative to the current directory unknown wdobler
2024 155 months ago infrastructure: repo per patch needs-reproduction kowey
2011 155 months ago refuse to pull/apply patches if you have unrecorded changes needs-reproduction kowey
1369 155 months ago get/pull --max-count needs-implementation ganesh
1912 158 months ago avoid invisible conflicts needs-reproduction kowey
337 159 months ago say when patches are automatically pre-selected due to dependencies needs-implementation kowey
1899 160 months ago Improve parser tests and quickchecks needs-implementation dagit
1772 160 months ago repo suggestion (no more cat _darcs/prefs/repos) needs-implementation kowey
1895 160 months ago create a customised monad for Darcs to do IO in needs-implementation ganesh
1633 161 months ago make apply --interactive default waiting-for kowey
1872 161 months ago use ISO8601 dates in XML output needs-implementation kowey
1549 163 months ago trim whitespace in _darcs/prefs/post needs-implementation kowey
1007 163 months ago use lazy bytestring in darcs needs-implementation kowey
1682 167 months ago Formatting patches to submit needs-implementation jch
1649 169 months ago null conflict resolutions needs-reproduction mornfall
1630 170 months ago darcs record --ask-deps should show dependencies before asking waiting-for galbolle
1966 5 months ago version controlled repository-wide preferences needs-reproduction kowey
1048 17 months ago differentiate between matching patches and dependencies when using --match needs-implementation galbolle
1774 38 months ago darcs library is not thread-safe (uses current working directory) unknown ganesh
1099 38 months ago patch bundles should have repo format strings   kowey
2077 38 months ago Warning when re-adding deleted file/directory needs-implementation owst
2630 50 months ago wish: new command 'darcs traverse' unknown bfrk
2587 65 months ago proposal: "darcs check --hard" (or --invariants) unknown gh
1463 66 months ago Investigate "proper" Windows APIs for launching editor. waiting-for twb
2558 71 months ago common file name format for patches, inventories, pristine unknown bfrk
1844 72 months ago support matchers for ask-deps needs-implementation kowey
1289 74 months ago wish: warn when applying duplicate patch? needs-implementation twb
2322 74 months ago a command to turn lazy repositories into complete ones unknown gh
2261 74 months ago wish: new darcs posthook env variable: DARCS_SUBJECT unknown markstos
2096 74 months ago --show-depends flag for record, amend and whatsnew needs-implementation gh
2535 78 months ago replace changes should be offered first instead of last unknown bfrk
2522 80 months ago Negate pattern in boring files to re-include a previously excluded file unknown mihaigiurgeanu
2511 85 months ago manpage does not explain -a unknown Tony den Haan
2495 90 months ago behavior when conflicts are detected on push or pull unknown bfrk
2371 91 months ago user defined command aliases needs-implementation bfrk
1214 93 months ago clearly identify patches as being conflict resolution patches deferred twb
2440 104 months ago use case for rebase push or push --obliterate unknown bfrk
2430 105 months ago sub-command rebase amend unknown bfrk
2387 114 months ago Say which files would be reverted by an obliterate and offer to revert unknown owst
2373 115 months ago darcs dist should be able to create reproducible tar balls unknown bfrk
2222 128 months ago task: QuickCheck crudeSift vs siftForPending needs-implementation kowey
2289 129 months ago No progress messages when creating patch index unknown owst
1964 129 months ago more information in prehooks would be useful waiting-for simon
2288 130 months ago No way to determine which (if any) tag(s) "contain" a patch unknown owst
2084 131 months ago wish: darcs show patch unknown owst
2214 135 months ago Separate patch pretty printers from on-disk printers unknown owst
2177 139 months ago use last regrets as opportunity for extra information unknown kowey
2043 139 months ago replace own SHA1 implementation by existing library needs-implementation gh
2157 140 months ago remove trailing whitespace from long patch comments unknown mndrix
1265 140 months ago show all changes in amend record --edit, not just the new ones needs-implementation twb
2018 155 months ago should Printer drop ByteString support? (or alternatively drop String) needs-reproduction kowey
2007 155 months ago ability to name remote branches for easy interaction later needs-reproduction dagit
1734 156 months ago ability to revert during record interactive UI needs-implementation kowey
1785 156 months ago mechanism to force darcs to treat binary-looking file as text needs-reproduction twb
1967 157 months ago version controlled email/motd/etc needs-implementation kowey
1915 159 months ago collect contributor license agreements from darcs hackers needs-implementation kowey
1891 160 months ago darcs stash waiting-for dagit
831 164 months ago wish: consistent ordering of patches waiting-for zooko
545 164 months ago wish: Add a --gpg-command=COMMAND for darcs send analogous to --sendmail-command needs-implementation gwern
1638 166 months ago darcs trackdown with delta-debugging needs-reproduction kowey
1701 168 months ago investigate Transactional NTFS needs-reproduction admin
1394 168 months ago wish: Elapsed time for each test. needs-implementation twb
1386 169 months ago report disk size (patches, pristine) in darcs show repo needs-implementation maxbattcher
1263 169 months ago --match conflicted needs-reproduction galbolle
1621 170 months ago Set $MAN_PN when displaying help. needs-implementation twb
1487 171 months ago Adopt GNU Gettext for i18n and l10n deferred twb
1142 171 months ago darcs show description --tag foo ==> "foo (+ 4 patches)" needs-implementation twb
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