Patch 686 Fix ssh performance regression. (and 1 more)

Title Fix ssh performance regression. (and 1 more)
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Related Issues darcs 2.8 beta regression: repeated ssh password prompts
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msg14936 (view) Author: kowey Date: 2012-01-01.14:34:25
2 patches for repository http://darcs.net:

I thought I saw this somewhere on the tracker, but I think our use of
darcs transfer-mode has been broken for over a year.  Just noticed it
when trying to debug something else (incidentally a piece of code to
default darcs to plink/pscp/psftp under Windows)

Sun Jan  1 14:27:26 GMT 2012  Eric Kow <kowey@darcs.net>
  * Fix ssh performance regression.
  We weren't correctly deciding when to use connection sharing.
  We were looking at the full path instead of just the host to
  determine if we should re-use a connection or not.
  This seems to have been introduced by the issue1970 patch.

Sun Jan  1 14:31:23 GMT 2012  Eric Kow <kowey@darcs.net>
  * Improve debugging messanges for darcs transfer-mode
msg14950 (view) Author: kowey Date: 2012-01-01.23:54:36
5 patches for repository http://darcs.net:

Sun Jan  1 23:25:14 GMT 2012  Eric Kow <kowey@darcs.net>
  * Fix some bitrot in tests/network/ssh.sh.
  It's still really meant to be run by hand, though.

Sun Jan  1 23:26:23 GMT 2012  Eric Kow <kowey@darcs.net>
  * Update tests/network/ssh.sh to match last-regrets.

Sun Jan  1 23:32:07 GMT 2012  Eric Kow <kowey@darcs.net>
  * Move out useful lib code for ssh tests.

Sun Jan  1 23:52:17 GMT 2012  Eric Kow <kowey@darcs.net>
  * Accept issue2090: darcs transfer-mode connection not shared. 

Sun Jan  1 23:53:44 GMT 2012  Eric Kow <kowey@darcs.net>
  * Resolve issue2090: correctly detect existing transfer-mode connection.
  The actual resolution is a dependency included with ask-deps.
msg14966 (view) Author: kowey Date: 2012-01-05.23:38:04
Self-accepting upon request (I think this is pretty straightforward)
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