Issue 1139 darcs diff appears to be broken

Title darcs diff appears to be broken
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Created on 2008-10-10.23:47:24 by shicks, last changed 2009-10-23.23:30:52 by admin.

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resolve-issue1139_-fix-diff-when-no-arguments-given_.dpatch dmitry.kurochkin, 2008-10-11.14:18:11 text/x-darcs-patch
msg6300 (view) Author: shicks Date: 2008-10-10.23:47:20
The diff command appears to be broken in 2.1.0.  I first noticed this when I
tried darcs diff -u --last=1 to get a unified diff of the last recorded patch
and it instead printed ALL the patches.  Here's a simpler example:
 mkdir a
 cd a
 darcs init
 touch a
 darcs add a
 darcs record -a -m "import"
 ls > a
 darcs whatsnew
 darcs diff
We see that the whatsnew clearly shows a change, while the diff is blank (at
least for me).
msg6310 (view) Author: dmitry.kurochkin Date: 2008-10-11.13:22:57
I can not reproduce this with darcs 2.1.0 (compiled from tarball from
darcs.net). But I see the bug in latest stable and unstable repos. I will send a
patch for it.

Also I do not see any issues with --last - it shows diff from "before last N
patches" to working dir. Can you provide more info on this?

msg6311 (view) Author: shicks Date: 2008-10-11.13:58:14
Here's an example of the --last bug:
 darcs init
 touch a b
 darcs add a b
 darcs rec -a -m "add files"
 ls > a
 darcs rec -a -m "change a"
 wc a > b
 darcs rec -a -m "change b"
 darcs diff --last=1
For me, this shows "change b" at the top of the display, but then the patch that
it generates is actually the change to a.
msg6312 (view) Author: dmitry.kurochkin Date: 2008-10-11.14:18:11
Thanks! Now I see the problem. And it is fixed by the patch I have sent (and

But I do not see these problems in 2.1.0 tarball. Only in latest versions from
darcs repos. Can you give your 'darcs --version'?

msg6313 (view) Author: shicks Date: 2008-10-11.14:25:34
I can't give a completely accurate darcs --version since I actually monkeyed
around with it by hand because ThisVersion.lhs was wrong.  It originally said
"2.1.0pre3 (+ 104 patches)", while --exact-version showed "[TAG 2.1.0
Eric Kow <E.Y.Kow@brighton.ac.uk>**20081009120532]" with 18 patches above it.  I
just went to my repo and did "darcs optimize --reorder" and darcs put 72 patches
above "tagged 2.1.0".  I'm not really sure what all's going on here...
msg6314 (view) Author: droundy Date: 2008-10-11.17:43:49
The following patch updated the status of issue1139 to be resolved:

* resolve issue1139: make special cases handle no arguments gracefully. 
Ignore-this: 12b17a3940558860dd4caf7bb2619ec7
I accidentally broke this when refactoring Darcs.Match.  This change
restores some efficiency when no arguments are given and thus we are
creating copies of all the files in the repository.
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