Issue 1401 bug in get_extra commuting patches

Title bug in get_extra commuting patches
Priority urgent Status given-up
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Superseder Failed to commute common patches, pull =>bug in get_extra commuting patch (2.0.2+77; duplicate patches)
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Created on 2009-03-22.23:03:16 by Aaron, last changed 2017-07-31.01:34:04 by gh.

msg7492 (view) Author: Aaron Date: 2009-03-22.23:03:13
The following script results in the error message "darcs: bug in get_extra
commuting patches:".  This is the bug I mentioned in

The setup is very similar to the one in Issue1327, but the error message is

mkdir repo1
cd repo1
darcs init
echo fileA version 1 > fileA
echo fileB version 1 > fileB
darcs add fileA fileB
darcs record --author foo@bar --ignore-times --all -m "Add fileA and fileB"
echo fileA version 2 > fileA
darcs record --author foo@bar --ignore-times --all -m "Modify fileA"
cd ..
darcs get repo1 repo2
cd repo2
darcs obliterate -p "Modify fileA" --all
darcs unrecord -p "Add fileA and fileB" --all
darcs record --author foo@bar --ignore-times --all fileA -m "Add just fileA"
darcs revert --all
darcs pull --all
echo y | darcs obliterate --dont-prompt-for-dependencies -p "Add fileA and fileB"
darcs pull
msg7549 (view) Author: twb Date: 2009-03-29.02:08:17
I've added this to bugs/ in the Darcs repo.
msg7562 (view) Author: Aaron Date: 2009-03-29.21:42:51
twb: Have you?  When I pull from darcs.net I don't see it.
msg7564 (view) Author: twb Date: 2009-03-29.22:59:21
On Sun, Mar 29, 2009 at 09:42:54PM -0000, Aaron Kaplan wrote:
> twb: Have you?  When I pull from darcs.net I don't see it.

Sorry, it has been delayed by our review process.  I need to amend the
patch and resubmit it.  I expect to have it done sometime this week.
msg8138 (view) Author: kowey Date: 2009-08-14.15:17:37
Just an update: this is now in the test suite.

I suspect that this is a duplicate of issue1014.  I say for the superficial
reason of having seen duplicate patches in the example (adding f in one repo,
then adding f and g in another repo).

I would need to somebody to scrutinise this and maybe boil the two tests down
even more.  Ian: is there any chance you could have a quick look at the
issue1401 bug and confirm if this is just yet another variant or something else?

One "empirical" approach might be to check against David's Darcs too since it
fixes 1014
msg10476 (view) Author: kowey Date: 2010-03-23.23:36:11
Looks like Ian is busy.  

In issue1014, you create duplicate patches A and B, then patch C which
depends on A (or B).  If you create a repo with just BC and try to pull
A from ABC, darcs blows up.

This looks a bit different because now you're unpulling things, but
because there are Darcs 2 duplicate patch shenanigans going on, I'm
going to work on the assumption that this is the same bug.  If we fix
isuse1014, we should revisit this.

(Note that David Roundy's fork of Darcs has an issue1014 fix; it'd be a
good idea to see if it fixes this as well).
msg10482 (view) Author: igloo Date: 2010-03-24.00:39:59
This looks like the same bug to me, yes.

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