Issue 2012 darcs send: does not display target address when using -o

Title darcs send: does not display target address when using -o
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Created on 2010-12-09.01:39:32 by kerneis, last changed 2011-07-05.13:49:23 by kerneis.

msg13300 (view) Author: kerneis Date: 2010-12-09.01:39:30
$ darcs send -o test
Creating patch to "http://darcs.net/screened"...
Patch bundle will be sent to: patches@darcs.net

The "will be sent" line is misleading.
This is a regression in HEAD, 2.4.4 (at least) did not exhibit the bug.

I'm working on it (trying to solve several "darcs send" UI issues cleanly).
msg13337 (view) Author: kerneis Date: 2010-12-15.15:12:29
Resolved in patch505.
msg14572 (view) Author: kerneis Date: 2011-07-05.13:49:22
darcswatch forgot to close this bug automatically because of a typo.
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