Issue 2021 Printables seem to consist of only single characters

Title Printables seem to consist of only single characters
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msg13375 (view) Author: g9ks157k Date: 2010-12-17.19:46:41

while debugging encoding problems in darcs, I replaced the definition of
Printer.hPrintPrintable with the following code (which outputs pure
ASCII and explicitely shows non-ASCII character codes and such):

    hPrintPrintable h (S str)            = hPutStr h ("String:\n" ++ show str ++ "\n")
    hPrintPrintable h (PS byteStr)       = hPutStr h ("ByteString:\n" ++ show (B.unpack byteStr) ++ "\n")
    hPrintPrintable h (Both str byteStr) = hPrintPrintable h (S str) >> hPrintPrintable h (PS byteStr)

I then ran darcs changes on a small repository. This revealed an
interesting phenomenon: Every “Printable” that hPrintPrintable was
called with seemed to consist of only a single character (sometimes
represented by S, sometimes by Both). So hPrintPrintable is obviously
called once per character, which doesn’t seem sensible.

Best wishes,
msg14796 (view) Author: markstos Date: 2011-10-27.21:35:53
This issue is supposedly resolved by this patch:

"Resolve issue 2021: make escaping not split strings too much"
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