Issue 2076 "darcs move myfile" into directory confuses darcs

Title "darcs move myfile" into directory confuses darcs
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Milestone Resolved in 2.8.0
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Created on 2011-06-02.10:37:14 by kolmodin, last changed 2011-10-27.21:33:32 by markstos.

msg14475 (view) Author: kolmodin Date: 2011-06-02.10:37:12

I confused myself and managed to confuse darcs too in the process.
Basically I moved a file (known by darcs) into a directory (not known by darcs) and darcs just dies with
 darcs: /home/kolmodin/code/darcs-tests/darcs_mv3/dir1: openBinaryFile: inappropriate type (is a directory)
on most commands.

Here's how I did it:

# setup the environment
$ darcs -v
2.5.2 (release)
$ darcs init
$ touch file1
$ darcs add file1
$ darcs record file1
$ mkdir dir1

Now I'd like to move "file1" into "dir1", but accidentally forgot to use "darcs mv".

$ mv file1 dir1 # woops!

Correct the mistake by moving file1 with darcs.

$ darcs mv file1 dir1

Now darcs doesn't like me anymore:

$ darcs wh
darcs: /home/kolmodin/code/darcs-tests/darcs_mv_demo/dir1: openBinaryFile: inappropriate type (is a directory)

And I can't undo it:

$ darcs mv dir1 file1
darcs: /home/kolmodin/code/darcs-tests/darcs_mv_demo/dir1: openBinaryFile: inappropriate type (is a directory)

However, if I added "dir1" to the repo before I "darcs mv file1 dir1" it would give me a warning:

$ darcs add dir1
$ darcs mv file1 dir1/
darcs failed:  A file or dir named dir1 (or perhaps differing only in case)
already exists in repository.
Use --case-ok to allow files differing only in case.

Just moving the "dir1" to something makes darcs not crash again:

$ mv dir1 dir2
$ darcs wh .
rmfile ./file1

What do you think? Maybe darcs should have added dir1 to the repo, and then moved file1 into the dir1 
msg14476 (view) Author: kowey Date: 2011-06-02.10:47:24
Bleh, sounds buggy to me.  I'm going to guess this is something pending 
patch related.  Lennart, mind scripting this for us?


I think Darcs has had similar issues before.  Things I don't yet know:
- if this is a regression, maybe worth checking some older darcsen
- if this is a duplicate
- if this has already been fixed (ie. a duplicate)

Perhaps having an automated test would help us.

msg14795 (view) Author: markstos Date: 2011-10-27.21:33:32
This issue is supposedly resolved by this patch:

"Resolve issue 2076: handle post-hoc move into an non-added directory"
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