Issue 2310 rollback of rmfile foo doesn't readd foo to pending

Title rollback of rmfile foo doesn't readd foo to pending
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msg16734 (view) Author: owst Date: 2013-03-01.11:39:28
1. Summarise the issue (what were doing, what went wrong?)

I rolled back a rmfile foo, then modified foo; `darcs whatsnew` said
nothing had changed. This is because foo wasn't re-added in pending, by
the rollback.

2. What behaviour were you expecting instead?

The file to have been added in pending.

3. What darcs version are you using? (Try: darcs --exact-version)

2.9.7 (+ 91 patches)

4. What operating system are you running?
Linux x86_64
msg16736 (view) Author: owst Date: 2013-03-01.11:50:08
I've just sent a patch accepting this issue.
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