Issue 2507 darcs-2.12.1/tests/network/sshlib: openBinaryFile: does not exist

Title darcs-2.12.1/tests/network/sshlib: openBinaryFile: does not exist
Priority Status resolved
Milestone Resolved in 2.12.0
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Created on 2016-09-07.01:15:02 by juhp, last changed 2017-07-31.02:16:49 by gh.

msg19262 (view) Author: juhp Date: 2016-09-07.01:15:00
1. Summarise the issue (what were doing, what went wrong?)
Testsuite failure in Stackage Nightly

2. What behaviour were you expecting instead?
No failure

3. What darcs version are you using? (Try: darcs --exact-version)

4. What operating system are you running?
Linux (Ubuntu)

Here is some output:

> /tmp/stackage-build8/darcs-2.12.1$ dist/build/darcs-test/darcs-test
Using darcs executable in
Locale encoding is UTF-8
Ran commands: 
rm -f /tmp/tmpThreadId171804289383846930886
mkdir /tmp/tmpThreadId171804289383846930886
cp /tmp/stackage-build8/darcs-2.12.1/tests/lib
cp /tmp/stackage-build8/darcs-2.12.1/tests/network/sshlib
rm -rf /tmp/tmpThreadId171804289383846930886

during copy from: /tmp/stackage-build8/darcs-2.12.1/tests/network/sshlib
to: /tmp/tmpThreadId171804289383846930886/sshlib
Exception: /tmp/stackage-build8/darcs-2.12.1/tests/network/sshlib:
openBinaryFile: does not exist (No such file or directory)
msg19263 (view) Author: simon Date: 2016-09-07.03:02:27
See also https://github.com/fpco/stackage/pull/1848.
msg19264 (view) Author: gh Date: 2016-09-07.13:35:49
The culprit seems to be the patch "fix ssh network tests so they work
in the test harness" from last March.

It adds the following line to ./harness/test.hs :

    cp "tests/network/sshlib" dir

This file copy is supposed to happen even if network tests are not
enabled in the test suite. Now why does it fail? It fails because the
file "tests/network/sshlib" is not listed in the "extra-source-files"
section of darcs.cabal!

I'm sending a fix right away.
msg19266 (view) Author: noreply Date: 2016-09-07.15:05:34
The following patch sent by Guillaume Hoffmann <guillaumh@gmail.com> updated issue issue2507 with
status=resolved;resolvedin=2.12.0 HEAD

* resolve issue2507: add tests/network/sshlib to extra-sources-files 
Ignore-this: 9960178c8ec4125ed9adf24f1b30c4e5
msg19271 (view) Author: simon Date: 2016-09-08.18:53:06
Thank you gh! darcs-2.12.2 has been accepted in stackage nightly-2016-09-08 
and can now be installed with "stack install --resolver=nightly darcs".
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