Issue 260 Feature request: specify which compressor to use for darcs dist

Title Feature request: specify which compressor to use for darcs dist
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msg968 (view) Author: Sebastien.Hinderer Date: 2006-09-06.13:07:08
Dear darcs developers,

It might be useful to let the user specify which compressor she wants to
use to build a tarball when using darcs dist.
This would let one use bzip2 in stead ofthe default gzip, for instance.

Moreover, the interface to this functionality could be done in a way
flexible enough to let the user also specify options to give to
the compress)r, etc. I think darcs already includes such flexible ways
of calling commands like diff or sendmail, so my guess would be that it
shouldn't be too difficult to implement the feature in a similar way, if
this feature interests somebody else, of course.

msg969 (view) Author: kowey Date: 2006-09-06.13:16:28
Sorry, sending this feature request was my idea.  This is actually just a
variant on issue57.  I will now edit issue57 to make it more general.
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