Issue 1023 Permission denied error after hitting ^C to get a lazy repo

Title Permission denied error after hitting ^C to get a lazy repo
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msg5602 (view) Author: simonmar Date: 2008-08-19.14:30:38
On Windows:

$ ./darcs.net/darcs get http://darcs.net/
This is the darcs darcs repository.
Directory 'c:/builds/darcs.net' already exists, creating repository as 
Copying patches, to get lazy repository hit ctrl-C...
Finished getting.
Exception thrown by an atexit registered action:
ba75111cc2bc43e867d3bdd17fcb5e7c1515-new: removeFile: permission denied 
(Permission denied)
msg6503 (view) Author: kirby Date: 2008-10-28.16:42:06
The following patch updated the status of issue1023 to be resolved:

* resolve issue1023: bracket file writing to prevent windows permission errors. 
Ignore-this: b457533b264b97952a52b8ab65d3de0b
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