Issue 1111 darcs pull --intersection doesn't work

Title darcs pull --intersection doesn't work
Priority bug Status resolved
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Topics Regression

Created on 2008-09-29.15:05:45 by droundy, last changed 2009-08-27.14:19:31 by admin.

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issue1111-pull-intersection.sh droundy, 2008-09-29.15:07:56 application/x-sh
msg6172 (view) Author: droundy Date: 2008-09-29.15:05:42
I'm pushing a test script for this bug.  I'll also attach it here.
msg6221 (view) Author: tommy Date: 2008-10-04.14:57:27
The following patch updated the status of issue1111 to be resolved:

* resolve issue1111: patchset_intersection used wrong selection for partitionRL 
We want to commute the non-common patches away, so we can stick the
remaining common patches to the rest of the common patch set.
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