Issue 1620 record lies that it left the logfile after a failure

Title record lies that it left the logfile after a failure
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Created on 2009-09-18.21:22:57 by Kamil, last changed 2010-03-15.11:01:01 by Kamil.

msg10220 (view) Author: Kamil Date: 2010-03-15.11:00:58
The following patch updated the status of issue1620 to be resolved:

* resolve issue1620: amend lies about living logfile 
Ignore-this: 57028d63cd6fd3bc290cf923ccc266e3

Remove "atexit remove" from world_readable_temp. Instead make sure that
callers of the world_readable_temp cleanup after themselves. Only
AmendRecord and Tag were not doing it already.
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