Issue 2225 add an "obliterate local-only patches" option

Title add an "obliterate local-only patches" option
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msg15985 (view) Author: owst Date: 2012-08-18.23:42:15
Motivation is something like:

I've cloned a remote repo, hacked locally and then `darcs send`d my

Now, I'd like to record some new patches without them depending on those
other patches I sent. 

I'd like to be able to say `darcs obliterate --notInRemote remote_path`
to easily obliterate those patches that aren't available in the remote repo.

Also, Florent is going to buy me a beer, if I implement this feature ;-)
msg16365 (view) Author: noreply Date: 2012-11-12.01:53:07
The following patch sent by Owen Stephens <darcs@owenstephens.co.uk> updated issue issue2225 with
status=resolved;resolvedin=2.10.0 HEAD

* resolve issue2225: add an option to obliterate all patches not in remote repo 
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