Issue 2444 default interactivity of 'log' and 'rebase log' differs

Title default interactivity of 'log' and 'rebase log' differs
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Milestone 2.10.0 Resolved in 2.12.0
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Created on 2015-03-13.18:44:40 by ganesh, last changed 2015-06-16.18:13:03 by noreply.

msg18307 (view) Author: ganesh Date: 2015-03-13.18:44:38
In 2.10, by default, "darcs log" is currently non-interactive whereas "darcs 
rebase log" is interactive.

The reason is that Darcs.UI.Commands.Log.logCmd uses (Interactive `elem` opts) 
whereas Darcs.UI.Commands.Rebase.logCmd uses (isInteractive opts).

I assume that "darcs log" has the behaviour we want. But I don't want to go 
backwards by changing Rebase to use the old-style (Interactive `elem` opts) 

Looking at the code of isInteractive (in Darcs.UI.Flags), it defaults to True 
so long as things like --dry-run, --xml and --count aren't specified. 
Presumably this is the right thing for most commands but not for log.

What's the right fix? Should we make isInteractive smarter somehow?

This isn't the worst bug in the world but marking for 2.10 for now.
msg18522 (view) Author: noreply Date: 2015-06-16.18:13:01
The following patch sent by Ben Franksen <benjamin.franksen@helmholtz-berlin.de> updated issue issue2444 with
status=resolved;resolvedin=2.12.0 HEAD

* resolve issue2444: added default interactivity parameter to isInteractive 
Ignore-this: 52943cff85faa83150ba319a6d401899

The extra parameter is False for the log and rebase log commands and True
for all other commands. Note that amend and record are not affected because
they use a configuration record and thus a locally defined version of
isInteractive (which is also simpler because these commands do not have
--dry-run or --xml options).
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