Issue 250 Can't create temporary file with 'changes --repo=URL'

Title Can't create temporary file with 'changes --repo=URL'
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Superseder don't worry if we can't get local changes.
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Created on 2006-08-25.16:08:11 by tommy, last changed 2009-10-24.00:11:42 by admin.

msg935 (view) Author: tommy Date: 2006-08-25.16:08:04
> The URL /is/ a repository, despite what Darcs says. My experiments
> have shown that if I try that same command-line inside a darcs repo
> dir (any repo dir), everything works fine.

This is a bug in darcs.
Changes shouldn't require to be in a repo when using the --repo=URL option.
See also Issue76.
msg936 (view) Author: thiago.arrais Date: 2006-08-25.18:35:25
On 8/25/06, Tommy Pettersson <ptp@lysator.liu.se> wrote:
> This is a bug in darcs.

Thanks for the info. I will put the workaround in place and start
digging into the darcs source-code to see if I can help fix that one.

After two years, I finally found something I can improve (or at least
try to) in Darcs.


Thiago Arrais
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msg2585 (view) Author: markstos Date: 2008-01-19.06:14:20
This bug exists in 1.0.9 but is "resolved in unstable"...it is fixed in 2.0.0pre2.
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