Patch 2284 remove unnecessary imports of D.P.Annota... (and 1 more)

Title remove unnecessary imports of D.P.Annota... (and 1 more)
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Created on 2023-02-25.09:25:23 by bfrk, last changed 2023-04-01.07:42:09 by ganesh.

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msg23124 (view) Author: bfrk Date: 2023-02-25.09:25:22
This removes special treatment of class Annotate, simplifying constraints in
the test harness. Will self-accept.

2 patches for repository http://darcs.net/screened:

patch 2371bd4cfe805a7b3f03733106a391ad7350e616
Author: Ben Franksen <ben.franksen@online.de>
Date:   Sun Dec 25 07:27:12 CET 2022
  * remove unnecessary imports of D.P.Annotate ()

  The Annotate class only has instances for prim patches.

patch 69c002cd274cd014396b934e26e70370ed3121be
Author: Ben Franksen <ben.franksen@online.de>
Date:   Sun Dec 25 06:16:28 CET 2022
  * add class Annotate to constraint synonym PrimPatch

  Separating out Darcs.Patch.Annotate.Class was necessary to break an import
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