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ID Creation Title Status
2688 1 week ago [spam removed] unknown
2687 2 weeks ago [spam removed] unknown
2686 2 weeks ago boringfile inconsistently applied on one specific repo resolved
2685 3 weeks ago [spam removed] unknown
2684 2 months ago darcs repair destroys inventory structure unknown
2683 3 months ago push --mirror (aka --force, --obliterate, --clone) unknown
2682 5 months ago conflict not marked if tag pulled at the same time unknown
2680 5 months ago test wont-fix
2679 5 months ago J’ai de mauvaises nouvelles pour vous. wont-fix
2678 5 months ago test wont-fix
2677 6 months ago pull --reorder fails to copy patches unknown
2676 8 months ago darcs bash autocompletion unknown
2675 8 months ago darcs pull --keep-working unknown
2674 9 months ago moving unadded files needs-diagnosis/design
2673 10 months ago clone: inconsistencies in destination dir (put vs. get) unknown
2672 11 months ago darcs clone creates extraneous "repo:." entries in _darcs/prefs/sources unknown
2671 11 months ago missing inventory files unknown
2670 11 months ago failing patch-index tests unknown
2669 12 months ago cant add linux kernel sources unknown
2668 12 months ago createDirectory: permission denied (Permission denied) unknown
2667 12 months ago darcs init failed with "SetCurrentDirectory "..": permission denied" unknown
2666 12 months ago encoding unit test failed unknown
2665 12 months ago Testing patch metadata encoding: failed unknown
2664 13 months ago [removed resolved
2663 13 months ago most uses of tentativelyAddToPending are wrong unknown
2662 13 months ago --ignore-times not supported by all commands unknown
2661 13 months ago change the "after the latest clean tag" limitation for obliterate and unrecord unknown
2660 13 months ago failing QC test for RepoPatchV1 "merges are valid" unknown
2659 13 months ago darcs 2.16 happily record a patch with an empty message resolved
2658 13 months ago darcs show dependencies shows indirect dependencies too resolved
2657 13 months ago darcs show dependencies doesn't stop at the last clean tag wont-fix
2656 15 months ago PACKAGE_VERSION not propagated to c-sources duplicate
2655 15 months ago building with -fcurl fails: PACKAGE_VERSION is not defined resolved
2654 16 months ago amend --prompt-long-comment removes the long comment resolved
2653 16 months ago Proposal to change darcs repo search unknown
2652 16 months ago `darcs convert import` double-encodes cyrillic characters in UTF-8 input stream duplicate
2651 16 months ago Could you set up HTTPS on dracs.net? unknown
2650 16 months ago format file can be corrupted by rebase commands that initiate a rebase resolved
2649 17 months ago task: cleanup display of patches resolved
2648 17 months ago `darcs convert import` double-encodes cyrillic characters in UTF-8 input stream resolved
2647 17 months ago "Failed to commute common patches" after replacing a patch with its duplicate, then pulling in the original duplicate
2646 17 months ago contrib/darcs-shell no longer works unknown
2645 17 months ago darcs should search for ":" in URLs only up to the first "/" resolved
2644 19 months ago detect "invalid" patches on pull and apply unknown
2643 19 months ago patch index may become corrupt unknown
2642 20 months ago compile version 2.14.2 with ghc 8.8 resolved
2641 20 months ago Missing 'autogen-modules' in darcs.cabal resolved
2640 22 months ago darcs rollback filename: no patches selected unknown
2639 22 months ago darcs diff crashes with --last=1 and file name resolved
2638 23 months ago Slecht nieuws voor jou given-up
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