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ID Creation Title Status
2432 2 hours ago pull --reorder does not commute reordered patches unknown
2431 yesterday darcs leaves empty files in repo unknown
2430 2 days ago sub-command rebase amend unknown
2429 7 days ago convert export looses file unknown
2428 1 week ago incremental convert import into an existing repo unknown
2427 1 week ago incremental darcs convert export is broken unknown
2426 2 weeks ago with rebase in progress, --last is off by one unknown
2425 1 month ago broken repo when using darcs init shortly after copying files unknown
2424 2 months ago First push fails, second succeeds resolved
2423 2 months ago diff only respecting --diff-command when a diff.exe is present unknown
2422 2 months ago can't build on Debian stable (ghc 7.4.1) resolved
2421 2 months ago user error (Couldn't fetch ... while cloning large repo  
2420 2 months ago darcs apply autocompletion is too slow unknown
2419 2 months ago darcs changes: cannot override default -i with -a from command line unknown
2418 2 months ago add versioning to on-disk format of patch index resolved
2417 2 months ago cabal test failed for Darcs.Patch.Prim.V1: commute is effect preserving unknown
2416 2 months ago ounparse is not always a proper inverse for oparse needs-diagnosis/design
2415 2 months ago Test suite hashed-storage-test: FAIL unknown
2414 2 months ago log -h/--hash does not always work resolved
2413 2 months ago view a Darcs patch file as if it were applied in a repo unknown
2412 2 months ago clarify how certain darcs log options interact unknown
2411 2 months ago whatsnew --look-for-moves takes ages to complete unknown
2410 2 months ago --look-for-replaces does not work in real world cases unknown
2409 3 months ago darcs rebase apply resolved
2408 4 months ago Possible problem with Cabal <= 1.16 needs-diagnosis/design
2407 5 months ago Cannot build darcs with ghc-7.8.2 resolved
2406 6 months ago Darcs crashes often on Server 2012 environments unknown
2405 6 months ago patch index creation consumes too much memory has-patch
2404 6 months ago darcs convert export ignores --repodir unknown
2403 6 months ago darcs rebase pull --reorder crashes in src/Darcs/Patch/Depends.hs:275 resolved
2402 7 months ago No windows binaries for latest release unknown
2401 7 months ago License waiting-for
2400 7 months ago clone over ssh fails unknown
2399 8 months ago Darcs.Patch.V2 (using Prim.V1): ... Failed duplicate
2398 8 months ago --xml is incompatible with --interactive unknown
2397 8 months ago --xml should be replaced with --json unknown
2396 8 months ago maybe convert should be a super command resolved
2395 8 months ago log --[no-]only-to-files deserves to be better documented unknown
2394 8 months ago optimize and convert options are actually sub-commands resolved
2393 8 months ago whatsnew functionality in annotate should be removed unknown
2392 8 months ago trackdown --bisect could start at a given position unknown
2391 8 months ago unwanted colorization control chars on dumb terminal (Unicode text) needs-diagnosis/design
2390 8 months ago broken build resolved
2389 8 months ago non-Latin (e.g. Cyrillic) letters not printed in the output of whatsnew (and record) needs-diagnosis/design
2388 8 months ago darcs optimise fails if no patches have been recorded resolved
2387 8 months ago Say which files would be reverted by an obliterate and offer to revert unknown
2386 8 months ago A file with no trailing newline characters gives strange diff output unknown
2385 9 months ago darcs log is too slow unknown
2384 9 months ago Supply last known good version to trackdown unknown
2383 9 months ago Using last regrets/hunk edit can lead to "Error applying" error unknown
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