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ID Creation Title Status
2640 1 month ago darcs rollback filename: no patches selected unknown
2639 2 months ago darcs diff crashes with --last=1 and file name resolved
2638 3 months ago Slecht nieuws voor jou unknown
2637 5 months ago removed spam unknown
2636 6 months ago executable flag can get turned off automatically resolved
2635 6 months ago executable flag and errors with darcs.1 unknown
2634 7 months ago suspending conflicted patches crashes darcs or gives wrong results unknown
2633 7 months ago upgrade darcs status unknown
2632 8 months ago Can we scrap patch bundles with "context"? unknown
2631 8 months ago exception when pulling in darcs repo on vfat file system unknown
2630 8 months ago wish: new command 'darcs traverse' unknown
2629 8 months ago wish: new command 'darcs traverse' given-up
2628 8 months ago Finalise representation of patch names in prims of V3 patches needs-diagnosis/design
2627 9 months ago potential security risk due to copying text files that contain URLs unknown
2626 9 months ago treat applyToWorking more uniformly resolved
2625 9 months ago should catch only IO exceptions when we call applyToWorking resolved
2624 12 months ago <invalid> given-up
2623 13 months ago bugs wont-fix
2622 13 months ago bugs wont-fix
2621 13 months ago bugs wont-fix
2620 13 months ago bugs unknown
2619 14 months ago This account has been hacked! Change your password right now! wont-fix
2618 14 months ago option --ask-deps adds too many dependencies unknown
2617 14 months ago convert import crashes with out-of-order tags unknown
2616 14 months ago compilation errors with MonadFail unknown
2615 15 months ago This account has been hacked! Change your password right now! wont-fix
2614 15 months ago fromJust error when cloning an unclean tag unknown
2613 16 months ago http://darcs.net/manual/ is outdated unknown
2612 16 months ago darcs replace gets lost in pending unknown
2611 16 months ago task: add a test for send using http POST unknown
2610 16 months ago add --inherit-default option for clone, push, pull, send etc resolved
2609 16 months ago conflicts on unrevert unknown
2608 16 months ago clone a repo via http without-dated packs misses patches unknown
2607 17 months ago darcs record is too slow with medium/large numbers of files unknown
2606 17 months ago improve handling of dependency swaps wont-fix
2605 17 months ago darcs crashes with duplicate patches wont-fix
2604 17 months ago Remove --reply option unknown
2603 18 months ago cloning a repo with unresolved conflicts should give a warning and add conflict markup unknown
2602 18 months ago add command 'darcs config' unknown
2601 18 months ago recognize inverse patches during log -v unknown
2600 18 months ago task: improve forward compatibility needs-implementation
2599 19 months ago darcs clone should not touch pending unknown
2598 19 months ago task: issue warning when pending is inconsistent with working tree unknown
2597 19 months ago test wont-fix
2596 20 months ago cabal new-build fails if only library component is built unknown
2595 21 months ago darcs check crashes when there are broken patches/pristine unknown
2594 21 months ago darcs show index breaks test for issue2208 resolved
2593 21 months ago harness: network test can collide with shell test of the same name has-patch
2592 21 months ago pending not properly cleaned up when using --look-for options unknown
2591 21 months ago latin9-input regressions on Windows in darcs 2.14 unknown
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