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ID Activity Title Status Creator Assigned To
2043 105 months ago replace own SHA1 implementation by existing library needs-implementation gh  
2157 106 months ago remove trailing whitespace from long patch comments unknown mndrix  
1265 106 months ago show all changes in amend record --edit, not just the new ones needs-implementation twb  
2018 121 months ago should Printer drop ByteString support? (or alternatively drop String) needs-reproduction kowey  
2007 121 months ago ability to name remote branches for easy interaction later needs-reproduction dagit  
1734 122 months ago ability to revert during record interactive UI needs-implementation kowey  
1785 122 months ago mechanism to force darcs to treat binary-looking file as text needs-reproduction twb  
1967 123 months ago version controlled email/motd/etc needs-implementation kowey  
1966 123 months ago version controlled repository-wide preferences needs-reproduction kowey  
1915 125 months ago collect contributor license agreements from darcs hackers needs-implementation kowey  
1891 126 months ago darcs stash waiting-for dagit  
1443 129 months ago task: Formalize non-fault failure conditions needs-implementation twb  
831 130 months ago wish: consistent ordering of patches waiting-for zooko  
545 130 months ago wish: Add a --gpg-command=COMMAND for darcs send analogous to --sendmail-command needs-implementation gwern  
1638 131 months ago darcs trackdown with delta-debugging needs-reproduction kowey  
1701 134 months ago investigate Transactional NTFS needs-reproduction admin  
1394 134 months ago wish: Elapsed time for each test. needs-implementation twb  
1386 135 months ago report disk size (patches, pristine) in darcs show repo needs-implementation maxbattcher  
1263 135 months ago --match conflicted needs-reproduction galbolle  
1048 135 months ago differentiate between matching patches and dependencies when using --match has-patch galbolle  
1621 136 months ago Set $MAN_PN when displaying help. needs-implementation twb  
717 136 months ago trackdown option to include _darcs in test directory needs-implementation SamB  
1142 137 months ago darcs show description --tag foo ==> "foo (+ 4 patches)" needs-implementation twb  
926 137 months ago wish for more standard gnu changelog style needs-implementation twb  
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