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ID Creation Title Status
2060 3 months ago extend comment about import of a DarcsFlag data constr... accepted
2059 3 months ago remove an unneeded LANGUAGE CPP pragma accepted
2058 3 months ago define and use showIntArg/showIndexRangeArg accepted
2057 3 months ago remove all MonadFail instances in darcs lib accepted
2056 3 months ago improve docs for PatchCheck accepted
2055 3 months ago resolve issue2649: cleanup display of patches accepted
2054 3 months ago tests/diff.sh: remove directory before creating it accepted
2053 3 months ago convert darcs-2: simplify using displayPatch accepted
2052 3 months ago tests/issue2382...: remove repo before creating it accepted
2051 3 months ago move ssh-using test to network folder (and 1 more) accepted
2050 3 months ago fix displayPath when the input is anchor... (and 1 more) accepted
2049 3 months ago simplify the execution of the external d... (and 4 more) accepted
2048 3 months ago fix in convert export: must quote file p... (and 2 more) accepted
2047 3 months ago fix in convert export: must quote file p... (and 2 more) obsoleted
2046 3 months ago Patch with test for failing issue #2648 accepted
2045 3 months ago fix in darcs show dependencies: values should be quote... accepted
2044 3 months ago fix in patch bundle parser accepted
2043 3 months ago improve help texts and how they are generated accepted
2042 3 months ago avoid needless conversion from and to String for postUrl accepted
2041 3 months ago export a simplified version of getLogInf... (and 3 more) accepted
2040 3 months ago fix a redundant import warning accepted
2039 3 months ago improve documentation in Darcs.UI.Defaults (and 2 more) accepted
2038 4 months ago finally complete transition to option system accepted
2037 4 months ago resolve issue2645: search for ":" to detect ssh URLs o... accepted
2036 4 months ago fix error message in clone command accepted
2035 4 months ago extend test for issue2275 and mark (again) as failing accepted
2034 4 months ago resolve issue2533: add umask option to all commands th... accepted
2033 4 months ago resolve issue2001: repair fails to detect missing pris... accepted
2032 4 months ago resolve issue2454: help markdown/manpage should use a ... accepted
2031 4 months ago simplify implementation of D.UI.C.Log.hasRemoteRepo accepted
2030 4 months ago resolve issue2404: darcs convert export ... (and 1 more) accepted
2029 4 months ago add a failing test for rebasing conflict... (and 1 more) accepted
2028 4 months ago use mergerFLFL in instance Merge (FL p) (and 1 more) accepted
2027 4 months ago fix creation of temporary directories accepted
2026 4 months ago use pager to display 'darcs rebase log' accepted
2025 4 months ago assorted cleanups accepted
2024 4 months ago bump shelly version to to avoid ... (and 4 more) accepted
2023 4 months ago tests/rebase-move; validate the final repository contents accepted
2022 5 months ago harnes, tests: import lib in all test scr... (and 7 more) rejected
2021 5 months ago replace shelly with turtle in-discussion
2020 5 months ago rebase unsuspend: start at the beginning when extracting accepted
2019 5 months ago remove error if no suspended patches found accepted
2018 6 months ago release 2.14.4 accepted
2017 6 months ago support ghc-8.8 and ghc-8.10 accepted
2016 6 months ago release 2.14.3 accepted
2015 6 months ago add a .stylish-haskell.yaml reflecting our coding conv... accepted
2014 7 months ago change rebase to store Prims accepted
2013 7 months ago change interface to updatePatchHeader accepted
2012 7 months ago cut back some constraints on RebaseChange instances accepted
2011 7 months ago tests: check upgrade of "not-head" old-style rebase accepted
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