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ID Creation Title Status
1902 4 months ago add failing test for rebase of conflicted patches accepted
1901 4 months ago fix interpretation of bundles as patchsets accepted
1900 4 months ago restrict the defaults for fromPrim/fromPrims accepted
1899 4 months ago turn RepoPatch into a constraint synonym (and 1 more) accepted
1898 4 months ago identical commutes are an internal error accepted
1897 4 months ago remove unused dependency of darcs-test on split package accepted
1896 4 months ago move class ToFromPrim to RepoPatchV2 code rejected
1895 4 months ago remove unused functions from D.P.W.Sealed (and 1 more) accepted
1894 4 months ago add the darcs executable as a build-tool-depend of dar... accepted
1893 4 months ago tests: always use 'tar -f -' to work with stdin/out accepted
1892 5 months ago rename actually_get_log to get_log_using... (and 1 more) accepted
1891 5 months ago add Darcs.Util.Graph.components with pro... (and 5 more) accepted
1890 5 months ago make scope of exception handler explicit (and 2 more) accepted
1889 5 months ago Darcs.Util.Graph: make helper functions ... (and 2 more) accepted
1888 5 months ago remove no-packs option in-discussion
1887 5 months ago remove the size prefix when writing hash... (and 14 more) in-discussion
1886 5 months ago bump cabal version to 2.15.1 (and 1 more) accepted
1885 5 months ago cleanup and simplify Darcs.Patch.Prim.V1... (and 10 more) in-discussion
1884 5 months ago extend test script for pristine conversion (and 2 more) accepted
1883 5 months ago get rid of unused ShowDictRecord (and 2 more) accepted
1882 5 months ago bugfix in optimize compress accepted
1881 5 months ago harness: use die instead of fail accepted
1880 5 months ago decouple RepoPatchV3 impl from NamedPrim accepted
1879 5 months ago rewrite Merge FL instance in terms of Me... (and 1 more) followup-requested
1878 5 months ago re-unify finished messages in PatchAppliers (and 2 more) accepted
1877 5 months ago suspend reify: give reified fixup patches a real author accepted
1876 5 months ago turn an error call into a proper failure when cloning accepted
1875 5 months ago remove redundant Functor superclass cons... (and 5 more) accepted
1874 5 months ago fix in add command: fail unconditionally when no files... accepted
1873 5 months ago v3: re-add two optimisations for Context... (and 1 more) accepted
1872 5 months ago regard explicit dependencies as resolving conflicts accepted
1871 5 months ago slightly extend and cleanup test for iss... (and 5 more) accepted
1870 5 months ago WIP add module Darcs.Patch.Theory in-discussion
1869 5 months ago use new TestablePrim alias in the harnes... (and 3 more) accepted
1868 5 months ago replace commenting out with if False in ... (and 1 more) accepted
1867 5 months ago improve doc comments for Rotcilfnoc accepted
1866 5 months ago clean up the Matchable mess (and 1 more) accepted
1865 5 months ago remove our own optimisation settings in darcs.cabal accepted
1864 5 months ago V3 integration comment about fromPrim de... (and 2 more) accepted
1863 5 months ago force PatchSet to always start at Origin accepted
1862 5 months ago resolve issue2550: apply only properly m... (and 2 more) accepted
1861 5 months ago whatsnew: print via pager (unless --xml or -s is active) accepted
1860 5 months ago add --not-in-remote option to amend and rebase unsuspend accepted
1859 5 months ago colorize warnings accepted
1858 5 months ago harness: test all patch formats by default accepted
1857 5 months ago add a constant for the progressRate accepted
1856 5 months ago tentativelyMergePatches: rename anonpend... (and 10 more) accepted
1855 6 months ago add a TODO comment to D.P.Prim.Named (and 8 more) obsoleted
1854 6 months ago demote errors in defaults file and commandline to warn... accepted
1853 6 months ago harness: optimize prop_betweenLinesPS (and 5 more) accepted
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