Issue 2396 maybe convert should be a super command

Title maybe convert should be a super command
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msg17487 (view) Author: bfrk Date: 2014-05-29.21:20:10
darcs convert takes four options that are actually rather sub-commands
than options: --import, --export, --darcs-1, and --darcs-2, where the
last one serves as the default.

It might be a good idea to make this clearer to the user by turning
convert into a super command with four sub-commands.

See also issue2394.
msg17577 (view) Author: noreply Date: 2014-06-25.00:06:19
The following patch sent by Guillaume Hoffmann <guillaumh@gmail.com> updated issue issue2396 with
status=resolved;resolvedin=2.10.0 HEAD

* resolve issue2396: make convert a supercommand and enhance help strings 
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