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ID Activity Title Status Assigned To
2363 5 months ago distributed github-like isse tracker, wiki, and social features given-up  
1907 5 months ago Show should produce "standard" output resolved  
1774 5 months ago darcs library is not thread-safe (uses current working directory) unknown  
1099 5 months ago patch bundles should have repo format strings    
2077 5 months ago Warning when re-adding deleted file/directory needs-implementation  
331 5 months ago wish: copyright headers could use more attention wont-fix  
2628 5 months ago Finalise representation of patch names in prims of V3 patches needs-diagnosis/design  
2642 7 months ago compile version 2.14.2 with ghc 8.8 resolved  
2630 18 months ago wish: new command 'darcs traverse' unknown  
2580 26 months ago task: take advantage of directory, filepath and temporary librares to simplify own code needs-implementation  
2587 33 months ago proposal: "darcs check --hard" (or --invariants) unknown  
1463 33 months ago Investigate "proper" Windows APIs for launching editor. waiting-for  
2558 39 months ago common file name format for patches, inventories, pristine unknown  
1844 39 months ago support matchers for ask-deps needs-implementation  
1289 42 months ago wish: warn when applying duplicate patch? needs-implementation  
2322 42 months ago a command to turn lazy repositories into complete ones unknown  
959 42 months ago wish: List explicit dependencies with 'darcs changes -v --xml-output ' given-up  
2428 42 months ago incremental convert import into an existing repo unknown gh
2245 42 months ago darcs tag should warn about uncommited changes given-up  
820 42 months ago wishlist: manage symlinks under version control given-up  
2182 42 months ago Tag Darcs cache directory with CACHEDIR.TAG given-up MaicoLeberle
2413 42 months ago view a Darcs patch file as if it were applied in a repo given-up  
2401 42 months ago License given-up  
2375 42 months ago upgrade to GPLv3 given-up  
1591 42 months ago more compact filenames for hashed files given-up  
2315 42 months ago Word-based or word-by-word diff for collaborative writing and wikis given-up  
2302 42 months ago darcs-test "canonicalizePath" path diagnostic should report the file it was testing. given-up  
2301 42 months ago WANT: test-framework args in darcs-test given-up  
2300 42 months ago wish: flag to disable --exact-version given-up  
2285 42 months ago wish: push --bundle foo.dpatch given-up  
2279 42 months ago darcs rebase obliterate should support same matching options as darcs obliterate given-up  
2261 42 months ago wish: new darcs posthook env variable: DARCS_SUBJECT unknown  
2241 42 months ago New context commands: pull --context/ob --context given-up  
1002 42 months ago darcs support for ohloh given-up ashmoran
2195 42 months ago darcs serve given-up  
2039 42 months ago make --no-interactive an alias for --all given-up  
2159 42 months ago interactive trackdown given-up  
1096 42 months ago patch format should have a version id given-up  
1107 42 months ago wish: character-based diff and patch type given-up  
1254 42 months ago print filename under hunk too in record given-up  
1194 42 months ago Mark directories in 'show files' when listing files & directories given-up  
2147 42 months ago "Do you want to record these changes?" should offer p/v/x choices given-up  
1218 42 months ago make development status easier to see from front page given-up  
1679 42 months ago Documentation for interactive j/k bindings given-up  
1260 42 months ago wrap option lists help to less than 80 characters wide given-up  
2126 42 months ago Provide color support for windows powershell given-up  
2129 42 months ago Provide a way to change date/time output format given-up  
2121 42 months ago Allow the ability to set and override environment variables from a config file. given-up  
2096 42 months ago --show-depends flag for record, amend and whatsnew needs-implementation  
2030 42 months ago tests for hunk editor given-up  
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