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ID Creation Title Status
1206 2 days ago drop unnecessary UndecidableInstances (and 18 more) needs-review
1205 4 days ago improve message from force-replace (and 1 more) needs-review
1204 4 days ago bundle up checking for patch index and using it needs-review
1203 4 days ago tweaks to rebase help strings accepted
1202 1 week ago generalise applyPatchesForRebase along t... (and 3 more) needs-review
1201 1 week ago clarify naming of applyPatches functions (and 2 more) needs-review
1200 2 weeks ago comment about fast-export forbidden tag characters accepted
1199 2 weeks ago resolve issue1514: send --minimize-conte... (and 1 more) review-in-progress
1198 1 month ago fix the utf8.sh test to reflect the issu... (and 3 more) accepted
1197 1 month ago Rename isFile to isValidLocalPath and WorkRepoURL to W... accepted
1196 1 month ago remove the broken sigPIPE test accepted
1195 1 month ago fix send-output tests to reflect changes in patch display accepted
1194 1 month ago resolve issue2153 accepted
1193 1 month ago push CPP down into individual modules accepted
1192 1 month ago change test to use a hostname that doesn't resolve accepted
1191 1 month ago AMP for Perhaps and DefaultIO/TolerantIO... (and 3 more) accepted
1190 1 month ago Perhaps was not a valid Monad (and 1 more) accepted
1189 1 month ago respect -fwarn-as-error in hashed-storag... (and 6 more) accepted
1188 1 month ago support mtl 2.2 (and 2 more) accepted
1187 1 month ago switch curl config to use pkgconfig accepted
1186 2 months ago remove creator-hash flag unused since annotate rewrite accepted
1185 3 months ago Implementing function getDeps. (and 2 more) review-in-progress
1184 3 months ago use makePatchID accepted
1183 3 months ago print an informative message after rollback accepted
1182 3 months ago Implementation of the command 'darcs undo'. in-discussion
1181 3 months ago Some files are not being written to the bucketed cache... accepted
1180 3 months ago Garbage collection of global cache. accepted
1179 3 months ago Darcs.Repository.Flags: added Eq instanc... (and 4 more) needs-screening
1178 3 months ago Darcs.Repository.Flags: added Eq instanc... (and 4 more) obsoleted
1177 4 months ago Show a unique patch identifier in 'darcs changes'. accepted
1176 4 months ago fix darcs convert import, enhance help string accepted
1175 4 months ago resolve issue1624: bucketed cache. obsoleted
1174 4 months ago New option "--reorder" for the command pull accepted
1173 4 months ago remove patch index flags from rollback command accepted
1172 4 months ago resolve issue2396: make convert a supercommand and enh... accepted
1171 4 months ago Documentation for Darcs.Patch.Witnesses.... (and 2 more) accepted
1170 4 months ago Proposal for module documentation. obsoleted
1169 4 months ago Resolve Issue2361: optimize --reorder runs forever wit... accepted
1168 4 months ago conditionalise replHook using Template Haskell accepted
1167 4 months ago resolve issue2394: make optimize a supercommand accepted
1166 5 months ago re-advertise GHC 7.8 support accepted
1165 5 months ago clean out some obsolete conditionalisation accepted
1164 5 months ago bump version to 2.9.9 accepted
1163 5 months ago darcs.cabal: make Haskell2010 the defaul... (and 2 more) accepted
1162 5 months ago resolve issue1624: bucketed cache. accepted
1161 5 months ago added the re-designed options system, not yet used any... in-discussion
1160 5 months ago rm latex2html file accepted
1159 5 months ago marksfile support for convert --export accepted
1158 5 months ago darcs.cabal: make Haskell2010 the defaul... (and 2 more) accepted
1157 5 months ago implement doFastZip to create zip archive from pristin... accepted
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