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ID Creation Title Status
1690 1 month ago require GHC 8.2, Cabal 2.2 and directory 1.2.7 needs-review
1689 1 month ago bump async upper bound accepted
1688 1 month ago changelog, release script fixes and tag for release 2.14.0 accepted
1687 1 month ago move Storage.Hashed.Test to Darcs.Test.HashedStorage accepted
1686 1 month ago avoid bitrot by merging DateTester functions into DateMatcher module accepted
1685 1 month ago release.sh: drop beta-related stuff accepted
1684 1 month ago code cleanup in D.P.Prim.V1.Read accepted
1683 1 month ago fix build (only) of Darcs.Utils.Encoding on Windows accepted
1682 1 month ago fix Darcs.Util.Index on Win32 accepted
1681 1 month ago simplify errorDoc, reimplement impossible and bug in Darcs.Prelude accepted
1680 1 month ago five Bytestring-related patches from Ben's branch accepted
1679 1 month ago three cleanup patches for Rebase modules from Ben's branch accepted
1678 1 month ago five test-related patches from Ben's branch accepted
1677 1 month ago three easy cleanup patches from Ben's branch accepted
1676 1 month ago remove unused exports from Darcs.Patch.Bundle accepted
1675 2 months ago stop supporting SHA1-hashed files accepted
1674 2 months ago no longer read old cache location (.darcs/cache) accepted
1673 2 months ago Misc test-related patches accepted
1672 2 months ago delete old script that emulated cabal install --only-dependencies accepted
1671 2 months ago resolve issue2581: avoid adding rebase patch twice accepted
1670 2 months ago adapt haddocks and type of withNewDirectory accepted
1669 2 months ago resolve issue2575: drop rebase patch from unrevert context accepted
1668 2 months ago adjust filepath, directory and temporary deps to debian stretch accepted
1667 2 months ago resolve issue2579: darcs send will not work if no MTA is installed accepted
1666 2 months ago bump Cabal dependency to 1.24 accepted
1665 2 months ago Many refactorings and cleanups, mostly for Darcs.Repository.Hashed accepted
1664 2 months ago make readTextFile strict in the content by splitting it into lines accepted
1663 2 months ago Random selection of minor cleanups accepted
1662 2 months ago add validation for PatchInfo items, add unit test for parse/unparse accepted
1661 2 months ago give FileUUID some love accepted
1660 2 months ago Eliminate redundant constraints in Util, Repository and Patch accepted
1659 2 months ago several improvements to the test suite (unit tests) accepted
1658 2 months ago resolve issue2569: decoding multibyte characters accepted
1657 2 months ago Support GHC 8.4 accepted
1656 2 months ago use TChan instead of Chan - Chan.isEmptyChan is being removed accepted
1655 2 months ago Add Semigroup instances for Monoids accepted
1654 3 months ago test that decoding then encoding roundtrips accepted
1653 3 months ago resolve issue2563: create remote repo in correct format in ssh tests accepted
1652 3 months ago replace GADTs extension by GADTSyntax and ExistentialQuantification accepted
1651 3 months ago fix ugly code layout for data Simple (and 8 more) accepted
1650 3 months ago resolve issue2565: create _darcs dir after searching for an existing one accepted
1649 3 months ago darcs.cabal: add Version to autogen-modules accepted
1648 3 months ago rollback addition of showNicelyFL accepted
1647 3 months ago accept and resolve issue2567 accepted
1646 3 months ago resolve issue2566: avoid renaming across file systems accepted
1645 3 months ago slightly relax the commute rules for adjacent hunks rejected
1644 3 months ago resolve issue2564: delete wrong and irrelevant propConcatPS accepted
1643 3 months ago resolve issue2559: remove trailing empty lines in patch header edition accepted
1642 3 months ago remove flags -fno-warn-redundant-constraints and -fno-warn-dodgy-imports from darcs.cabal accepted
1641 3 months ago document class Merge, add properties, add and use naturalMerge accepted
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