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1636 4 days ago Resolve issue2555: include explicit dependencies in the output of `log -v` needs-screening
1635 1 week ago t/n/issue1932-remote.sh: avoid spurious fail when http_proxy is set needs-screening
1634 1 week ago Resolve issue2537: Allow / as root directory in-discussion
1633 1 week ago Resolve issue2545: prepend "--" to non-option arguments in ssh invocation needs-screening
1632 1 week ago Fix the --to-hash handling in darcs clone needs-screening
1631 1 month ago require GHC 8, QuickCheck 2.8.2, zlib, suppress warnings and unused CPP pragmas needs-review
1630 1 month ago no longer show conflicting files on whatsnew -s needs-review
1629 1 month ago bump dependencies upper bound accepted
1628 1 month ago windows fixes for 2.14.0 in-discussion
1627 1 month ago 2 patches: update changelog and remove libiconv flag accepted
1626 2 months ago make show dependencies easier to maintain for packagers needs-screening
1625 2 months ago Assorted minor improvements accepted
1624 2 months ago add --not-in-remote option to unrecord command obsoleted
1623 3 months ago OldDate belongs to Darcs.Util since it has no patch-related code accepted
1622 3 months ago add --not-in-remote option to unrecord command needs-review
1621 3 months ago further improvements to command completion (4 patches) needs-review
1620 3 months ago two small cleanups accepted
1619 3 months ago small improvements to rebase needs-review
1618 3 months ago remove support for DARCSEDITOR, superseded by DARCS_EDITOR since 2004 accepted
1617 3 months ago refactor and cleanup D.UI.SelectChanges and D.P.Choices accepted
1616 3 months ago cleanup code layout in Darcs.Patch.Split accepted
1615 3 months ago removed haddock markup that gives syntax errors accepted
1614 3 months ago UI display of named patches / explicit dependencies accepted
1613 3 months ago refactored show repo command accepted
1612 3 months ago more changes related to convert command needs-review
1611 3 months ago refactored convert darcs-2 command needs-review
1610 3 months ago add foldFL_M to D.P.W.Ordered (and 1 more) accepted
1609 3 months ago make type Repository abstract accepted
1608 3 months ago refactor tentativelyMergePatches_ (6 patches) accepted
1607 3 months ago renamed newsetXX to patchSetXX and more (12 patches) accepted
1606 3 months ago add ApplyState (PrimOf p) ~ ApplyState p to RepoPatch constraints accepted
1605 3 months ago make DARCS_DONT_ESCAPE_8BIT=1 the default (and 1 more) accepted
1604 3 months ago cleanups and tests related to bytestring and encoding (8 patches) accepted
1603 3 months ago lots of cleanups and fixes in (or affecting) Darcs.Repository.State accepted
1602 3 months ago three patches regarding replace command accepted
1601 3 months ago assorted minor cleanups and fixes accepted
1600 4 months ago accept issue2548: inconsistent pending after merge needs-review
1599 4 months ago fix implementation of match options for clone followup-requested
1598 4 months ago some random cleanups, mostly trivial accepted
1597 4 months ago one small fix and a few other test cleanups accepted
1596 4 months ago simplified implementation of show dependencies accepted
1595 4 months ago cleanup HashedIO module, remove unused types and fields accepted
1594 4 months ago resolve issue2540: include help for all prefs files accepted
1593 4 months ago clean up display of file names by separating display and storage of patches accepted
1592 4 months ago refactor text encoding in darcs (rebased from Ben's encoding branch) accepted
1591 4 months ago formatting and debug patches from Ben's encoding branch accepted
1590 4 months ago use piName instead of (BC.unpack . _piName) in two modules accepted
1589 4 months ago added a test for switching between encodings accepted
1588 5 months ago support GHC 8.2 accepted
1587 5 months ago fix cabal new-build for cabal < 2.0 accepted
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