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ID Creation Title Status Assigned To
1732 1 1/4 hours ago use cryptonite instead of cryptohash and random needs-screening  
1731 9 hours ago store rebase patch at the repo layer needs-screening  
1730 6 days ago add RepoPatchV3 aka camp conflictors (and 3 more) needs-screening  
1729 6 days ago clean up partitioning functions and expo... (and 3 more) needs-review  
1728 6 days ago layout fixes and a trivial refactor in D.T.P.Check needs-review  
1727 6 days ago reformat parts of D.T.P.Arbitrary.Generi... (and 3 more) needs-review  
1726 1 week ago document laziness of commuter functions and slightly i... needs-review  
1725 2 weeks ago moved inOrderTags from convert command t... (and 2 more) needs-review  
1724 2 weeks ago resolve issue2599: don't bother to update pending when... needs-review  
1723 2 weeks ago replace most calls to getDirectoryConten... (and 1 more) needs-review  
1716 3 weeks ago fix and simplify checkUnrecordedConflicts needs-review  
1701 2 months ago refactorings in the Darcs.Patch subsystem review-in-progress  
1711 2 months ago resolve various issues with pending review-in-progress  
1715 2 months ago no longer lie about repo witnesses (and 5 more) review-in-progress  
1709 2 months ago throw an error if cleanly merging conflict resolutions fails review-in-progress  
1586 13 months ago feature: push --rebase followup-requested bf
1599 12 months ago fix implementation of match options for clone followup-requested bf
948 72 months ago patch for repository aliases followup-requested jcpetruzza
1634 8 months ago Resolve issue2537: Allow / as root directory in-discussion  
1335 41 months ago resolve issue 1721 in-discussion  
1704 2 months ago avoid using PrimConstruct and PrimClassify in Pending accepted-pending-tests  
1722 2 weeks ago simplify Darcs.Patch.Depends.slightlyOpt... (and 1 more) accepted-pending-tests ganesh
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