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ID Creation Title Status Assigned To
1913 7 days ago WIP: get rid of Invert instances for non-prim patch types needs-screening  
1885 1 month ago cleanup and simplify Darcs.Patch.Prim.V1... (and 10 more) needs-screening  
1887 1 month ago remove the size prefix when writing hash... (and 14 more) needs-screening  
1916 4 days ago rename D.P.Rebase.Container to D.P.Rebase.Suspended needs-review  
1880 1 month ago decouple RepoPatchV3 impl from NamedPrim needs-review  
1915 4 days ago Add a test for rebasing a pre-existing c... (and 1 more) needs-review  
1914 7 days ago rewrite Summary RebaseChange to avoid force-commute needs-review  
1909 2 weeks ago add a basic test for darcs rebase changes (and 1 more) needs-review  
1904 2 weeks ago use StandaloneDeriving for some Show instances needs-review  
1905 2 weeks ago use constraints instead of our custom ShowDict needs-review  
1895 3 weeks ago remove unused functions from D.P.W.Sealed (and 1 more) needs-review  
1879 1 month ago rewrite Merge FL instance in terms of Me... (and 1 more) followup-requested ganesh
1586 25 months ago feature: push --rebase followup-requested bf
1599 24 months ago fix implementation of match options for clone followup-requested bf
948 84 months ago patch for repository aliases followup-requested jcpetruzza
1832 3 months ago do white space en/decoding directly on the ByteStrings followup-in-progress  
1921 yesterday add a test for applying a patch with an unclean tag in-discussion  
1907 2 weeks ago Move PrimOf out of PrimPatchBase in-discussion  
1919 yesterday replace Apply with PrimApply/Effect in-discussion  
1911 2 weeks ago WIP: use Prim patches in rebase toedit in-discussion  
1908 2 weeks ago WIP: drop custom Setup.hs in-discussion  
1906 2 weeks ago decouple RepoPatchV3 impl from WithName in-discussion  
1772 9 months ago remove currentDirectory from TreeMonad in-discussion  
1898 3 weeks ago WIP: identical commutes are an internal ... (and 1 more) in-discussion  
1896 3 weeks ago move class ToFromPrim to RepoPatchV2 code in-discussion  
1870 1 month ago WIP add module Darcs.Patch.Theory in-discussion  
1888 4 weeks ago remove no-packs option in-discussion  
1833 3 months ago tests: eliminate two windows checks in-discussion  
1779 9 months ago increase progress rate from 1/s to 10/s in-discussion bf
1844 2 months ago automatically specialize merging and equality for sequences of patches with identity in-discussion  
1920 yesterday re-export all imported classes (with mem... (and 12 more) accepted-pending-tests  
1910 2 weeks ago darcs.cabal: sort extensions except NoMo... (and 1 more) accepted-pending-tests  
1903 2 weeks ago reduce the Show1/Show2 boilerplate with DefaultSignatures accepted-pending-tests  
1899 2 weeks ago turn RepoPatch into a constraint synonym (and 1 more) accepted-pending-tests  
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