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ID Creation Title Status Assigned To
1526 2 weeks ago resolve issue2504: skip ssh tests that require passwor... needs-screening  
1522 2 months ago fix mail encode with '.' or '=' as last character needs-screening  
1517 3 months ago rename Darcs.Repository.HashedRepo to Da... (and 6 more) needs-review  
908 53 months ago Escape nonprintable chars in darcs record followup-requested bf
608 69 months ago resolve issue2001: Fix repair and check in the case wh... followup-requested galbolle
948 52 months ago patch for repository aliases followup-requested jcpetruzza
953 52 months ago Infrastructure to convert markdown files... (and 10 more) followup-requested bf
942 53 months ago Resolve issue2236: Make n a synonym for q in lastQues... followup-requested fx
1503 8 months ago WIP: resolve issue2482 darcs mark-conflicts FILE followup-in-progress  
1335 20 months ago resolve issue 1721 in-discussion  
1182 30 months ago Implementation of the command 'darcs undo'. in-discussion ganesh
567 71 months ago resolve issue1648: darcs now uses tty instead of stdin in darcs apply --interactive in-discussion bsrkaditya
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