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ID Creation Title Status Assigned To
1185 1 month ago Implementing function getDeps. (and 2 more) needs-screening  
1177 2 months ago Show a unique patch identifier in 'darcs changes'. needs-screening  
1179 2 months ago Darcs.Repository.Flags: added Eq instanc... (and 4 more) needs-screening  
1184 1 month ago use makePatchID needs-review  
1183 1 month ago print an informative message after rollback needs-review  
1154 4 months ago Tidy up checkNewAndOldFilenames in the M... (and 17 more) needs-review  
884 26 months ago resolve issue2211 - darcs would complain if recording ... review-in-progress  
1180 2 months ago Garbage collection of global cache. followup-requested mdiaz
942 24 months ago Resolve issue2236: Make n a synonym for q in lastQues... followup-requested fx
907 25 months ago resolve issue2225: add an option to obliterate all pat... followup-requested owst
1073 15 months ago resolv issue2321: remove "Do you want to add a long co... followup-requested jlneder
948 24 months ago patch for repository aliases followup-requested jcpetruzza
908 25 months ago Escape nonprintable chars in darcs record followup-requested kowey
608 41 months ago resolve issue2001: Fix repair and check in the case wh... followup-requested galbolle
1182 2 months ago Implementation of the command 'darcs undo'. in-discussion ganesh
1161 4 months ago added the re-designed options system, not yet used any... in-discussion  
1122 7 months ago Replace "aggregator" classes with constraint synonyms in-discussion  
1053 19 months ago use existing many-files repo for sigPIPE.sh test in-discussion  
953 24 months ago Infrastructure to convert markdown files... (and 10 more) in-discussion  
972 22 months ago Add -Werror to ghc-options in-discussion  
887 26 months ago Always run the failing tests, with their... (and 4 more) in-discussion owst
659 37 months ago enable darcs-test on arbitrary darcs in-discussion ganesh
567 42 months ago resolve issue1648: darcs now uses tty instead of stdin in darcs apply --interactive in-discussion bsrkaditya
1158 4 months ago darcs.cabal: make Haskell2010 the defaul... (and 2 more) accepted-pending-tests ganesh
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