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ID Creation Title Status Assigned To
2408 1 week ago only aim to be warnings clean on one ver... (and 3 more) needs-review  
2063 47 months ago add a test for gpg signed send/apply followup-requested bfrk
1879 58 months ago rewrite Merge FL instance in terms of Me... (and 1 more) followup-requested ganesh
1586 83 months ago feature: push --rebase followup-requested bfrk
1599 82 months ago fix implementation of match options for clone followup-requested bfrk
948 142 months ago patch for repository aliases followup-requested jcpetruzza
1832 60 months ago do white space en/decoding directly on the ByteStrings followup-in-progress  
2402 2 weeks ago harness: cleanup RepoPatchV2 examples (and 4 more) accepted-pending-tests  
2407 1 week ago make ShrinkModel into a MPTC accepted-pending-tests  
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