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ID Creation Title Status
2310 3 months ago remove unnecessary re-ordering in partitionConflictingFL accepted
2309 3 months ago improved display of conflicts accepted
2308 3 months ago remove withContext/unified option except for non-interactive whatsnew accepted
2307 3 months ago obliterate: offer to revert conflicting unrecorded changes accepted
2306 3 months ago add constraint tls < 1.7 accepted
2305 3 months ago change (and fix) conflict markup for RepoPatchV3 accepted
2304 3 months ago fix a (serious) bug in permutationsRL (and 1 more) accepted
2303 3 months ago resolve issue2704: flush stdout before invoking extern... accepted
2302 3 months ago improvements to contrib/update_roundup.pl accepted
2301 3 months ago remove the hashtree parameter for the index (and 2 more) accepted
2300 3 months ago diff command: support --look-for-moves and --look-for-... accepted
2299 3 months ago rename procedure setScriptsExecutable ->... (and 3 more) accepted
2298 3 months ago add short option -n synonymous for --dry-run accepted
2297 3 months ago clarify help for --hash, --from-hash and... (and 1 more) accepted
2296 3 months ago WIP adjustments to allow building with ghc-9.6 followup-in-progress
2295 3 months ago resolve issue2702: invalid regex is treated like a bug... accepted
2294 3 months ago resolve issue2701: clone ssh repo with Ctrl-C accepted
2293 5 months ago harness: do not set suites="snu" when --full is passed accepted
2292 6 months ago accept and resolve issue2074 accepted
2291 6 months ago make --timings more useful (and 1 more) accepted
2290 6 months ago ci: fix caching of cabal store accepted
2289 6 months ago remove UpdatePending parameter from revert/finalize accepted
2288 6 months ago resolve issue2700: rebase pull spurious ... (and 1 more) accepted
2287 6 months ago relax upper bounds on Win32 dependency (and 1 more) accepted
2286 6 months ago ci: use latest releases of ghc-9.2 and g... (and 6 more) accepted
2285 7 months ago resolve issue2699: obliterate and rebase suspend fail ... accepted
2284 7 months ago remove unnecessary imports of D.P.Annota... (and 1 more) accepted
2283 7 months ago add and use a few generic Gap utilities accepted
2282 7 months ago improve progress reporting accepted
2281 7 months ago TreeMonad refactors accepted
2280 7 months ago avoid asking the last question when nothing was selected accepted
2279 7 months ago send command: use question mark operator... (and 36 more) accepted
2278 7 months ago resolve issue2697: amend --unrecord should move unreco... accepted
2277 7 months ago allow test for issue2090 to be run manually (and 11 more) accepted
2276 7 months ago coalescing and the pending patch accepted
2275 7 months ago refactor ApplyMonad methods accepted
2274 7 months ago test for issue1325 no longer fails accepted
2273 7 months ago convert export: marks file String -> Abs... (and 4 more) accepted
2272 8 months ago t/network/ssh.sh: don't require the defa... (and 4 more) accepted
2271 9 months ago t/clone.sh: add some basic clone tests (and 2 more) accepted
2270 9 months ago Re: darcs patch: clarify help for --hash, --from-hash and... (and 2 in-discussion
2269 9 months ago do not use a pager when $DARCS_PAGER // $PAGER is set ... accepted
2268 10 months ago optimize reorder: add --deep/--shallow o... (and 3 more) accepted
2267 10 months ago ci: checkout and cache actions v2 -> v3 (and 5 more) accepted
2266 10 months ago get rid of class IdEq2 by defining Patch... (and 4 more) accepted
2265 14 months ago replace undefined with error calls for missing methods accepted
2264 15 months ago improvements to check/repair accepted
2263 15 months ago cleanup refactors in Darcs.Util.Cache accepted
2262 15 months ago cleanups in and around Darcs.Patch.Depends accepted
2261 15 months ago add partitionRL', mirroring partitionFL' (and 1 more) accepted
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