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ID Creation Title Status
2350 9 months ago bump version to 2.17.3 (and 1 more) accepted
2349 9 months ago fix tests/mark-conflicts.sh obsoleted
2348 9 months ago trivial simplification (and 2 more) accepted
2347 9 months ago tests/network/log.sh: http -> https for darcs.net accepted
2346 9 months ago tests: replace coverage comments with test accepted
2345 9 months ago update test to use https://darcs.net accepted
2344 9 months ago boring: fix dist-newstyle ignoring on ma... (and 2 more) accepted
2343 9 months ago fix mistake in import obsoleted
2342 9 months ago Wiki: Update VCS links mentioned on front page accepted
2341 10 months ago remove the --remote-repo option (and 1 more) accepted
2340 10 months ago allow a few more tests to run on Windows accepted
2339 10 months ago make --boring mutually exclusive with --... (and 1 more) accepted
2338 10 months ago mark-conflicts: report unmangled conflicts only if the... accepted
2337 10 months ago amend --ask-deps: ask about dependencies to drop accepted
2336 10 months ago RepoPatchV3: rename a local variable in ... (and 2 more) accepted
2335 10 months ago break out Darcs.Test.Patch.Types.Triple (and 8 more) accepted
2334 10 months ago add showPatchWithContext to Darcs.Patch.... (and 1 more) accepted
2333 10 months ago ci: fix a bug that caused tests to be run only for ghc... accepted
2332 10 months ago drop the now obsolete ApplyMonadBase accepted
2331 10 months ago improve some details regarding Commute laws (and 1 more) accepted
2330 10 months ago drop outdated tls constraint accepted
2329 10 months ago constrain aeson (indirect) dependency to < 2.2 obsoleted
2328 10 months ago tests fix: don't generate random date strings for Patc... accepted
2327 10 months ago WIP: support unix-2.8 obsoleted
2326 10 months ago cabal bounds: support leancheck 1.0 (and 7 more) accepted
2325 10 months ago add test for findCommonWithThem accepted
2324 11 months ago WIP properly track context changes when we rename a patch in-discussion
2323 11 months ago improve comments about RebaseName with n... (and 1 more) accepted
2322 11 months ago ci: use latest releases of ghc-9.2 and g... (and 2 more) accepted
2321 11 months ago two rebase improvements accepted
2320 11 months ago group --external-merge with the other conflict handlin... accepted
2319 11 months ago use --ignore-times in rebase-amend test rejected
2318 11 months ago minor code layout changes in V3.Core accepted
2317 11 months ago fix two typos in comments in RepoPatchV3 accepted
2316 11 months ago add proofs of impossibility for all error cases in V3.... accepted
2315 11 months ago improve the interface of D.R.Inventory (and 9 more) accepted
2314 11 months ago increase limit for environment variable size and warn ... accepted
2313 11 months ago rebase: offer to revert conflicting unrecorded changes accepted
2312 11 months ago WIP disable tests/network/log in the CI accepted
2311 11 months ago new command: rebase edit (and 1 more) accepted
2310 11 months ago remove unnecessary re-ordering in partitionConflictingFL accepted
2309 11 months ago improved display of conflicts accepted
2308 11 months ago remove withContext/unified option except for non-interactive whatsnew accepted
2307 11 months ago obliterate: offer to revert conflicting unrecorded changes accepted
2306 11 months ago add constraint tls < 1.7 accepted
2305 11 months ago change (and fix) conflict markup for RepoPatchV3 accepted
2304 11 months ago fix a (serious) bug in permutationsRL (and 1 more) accepted
2303 12 months ago resolve issue2704: flush stdout before invoking extern... accepted
2302 12 months ago improvements to contrib/update_roundup.pl accepted
2301 12 months ago remove the hashtree parameter for the index (and 2 more) accepted
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