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2441 26 months ago annotate should use pager (like log) resolved kowey
2359 54 months ago convert --export mishandles Unicode filenames resolved  
2531 61 months ago help for non-existing subcommand should indicate failure unknown  
2317 61 months ago Line colouring ignored when listing changes at last regrets unknown  
2327 87 months ago grrr, couldn't get lock detection way too late! resolved alain91
2423 87 months ago diff only respecting --diff-command when a diff.exe is present resolved alain91
2448 89 months ago let `darcs diff` accept the -h/--hash flag resolved  
2446 90 months ago cleanly convert file moves in "convert export" resolved  
2420 90 months ago darcs apply autocompletion is too slow resolved  
2438 90 months ago patch index creation makes cloning much slower resolved  
2341 94 months ago fix packs getting resolved  
2249 95 months ago findRepository has a bogus-looking case when given a file, not directory resolved  
2388 99 months ago darcs optimise fails if no patches have been recorded resolved  
2348 104 months ago Please use the new testing interface instead resolved  
2278 117 months ago --keep-date / --no-keep-date default is not documented resolved  
2437 90 months ago cloning new repository with one patch from local path to ssh fails resolved  
1158 61 months ago --match and --patch are silently mutually exclusive given-up  
1674 61 months ago darcs check wrongly reports that it's fixing remove non-empty error given-up  
1606 61 months ago Extra space at the start of command line arguments with diff-command given-up  
1521 61 months ago patch bundle hash check not done early enough to detect corruption given-up  
1721 61 months ago Misleading "incomplete" progress messages. given-up alain91
1719 61 months ago darcs backs up files too aggressively when there are conflicts given-up MaicoLeberle
2057 61 months ago Inconsistent handling of patch name corner cases given-up  
1579 61 months ago --diff-opts can't contain multiple options given-up dixiecko
1029 61 months ago truncated progress reports can be confusing given-up kirby
2512 70 months ago Multiple authors in global config get overwritten resolved  
1496 77 months ago `darcs annotate -p` does not respect both a patch and filename at the same time resolved tommy
1561 77 months ago darcs annotate --repodir /something '' => Pattern match failure in do expression at src/Darcs/Commands/Annotate.lhs:159 (2.2+) resolved flo
1783 88 months ago changes --xml does not handle multiple file arguments correctly needs-implementation Arnav
1822 94 months ago Don't emit noise when stdio isn't a tty. needs-implementation  
2391 100 months ago unwanted colorization control chars on dumb terminal (Unicode text) needs-diagnosis/design  
2263 102 months ago option --set-scripts-executable is not properly documented resolved alex.aegf
2284 102 months ago darcs changes --repo http://darcs.net --last 1 tries to build patch index resolved  
2299 104 months ago darcs Setup.lhs with cabal HEAD broken (withTempFile changed) resolved  
2287 115 months ago darcs ob -O will overwrite existing files resolved dixiecko
1371 116 months ago darcs assumes -p for SSH_PORT; but putty takes -P needs-diagnosis/design dixiecko
1228 126 months ago optionally disable 'Hit return to move on' in --diff-command and --external-merge resolved  
2089 128 months ago replace --force UI is confusing resolved  
1473 129 months ago darcs annotate --repodir /something '.' => no file or directory named '.' (2.2+) resolved  
2098 129 months ago darcs dist -q is not quiet resolved  
1665 136 months ago wrong default author suggestion for Windows resolved twb
1344 138 months ago darcs send: abort early if can't send. resolved kerneis
1737 139 months ago darcs mv does not warn when moving old to new if > 2 args resolved  
1558 140 months ago xml output for patch hash includes "gz" extension resolved kerneis
1724 142 months ago Help on aliased commands is broken for (at least) subcommands like show manifest resolved  
1660 142 months ago patch viewing should either always/never use the pager in changes -i resolved  
1637 142 months ago darcs should report 404 errors accordingly resolved dmitry.tsygankov
1397 142 months ago darcs does not distinguish special case when the only paths supplied are invalid resolved  
1266 143 months ago Does not warn when 'darcs init' is run inside a repository subdirectory resolved  
1875 145 months ago --no-set-default flag doesn't work resolved  
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