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ID Creation Title Status
1802 7 months ago introduce explicit type for tracking tes... (and 2 more) accepted
1801 7 months ago drop unnecessary constraint accepted
1800 7 months ago fix (Windows-only) warnings in Darcs.Util.Workaround accepted
1799 7 months ago CHANGELOG entries for 2.14.1 (and 1 more) accepted
1798 11 months ago add some functions we need for V3 to Dar... (and 24 more) obsoleted
1797 11 months ago add --replay=SEED option to darcs-test (and 20 more) accepted
1796 12 months ago don't offer already depended on patches with --ask-deps accepted
1795 12 months ago accept issue2618: option --ask-deps adds too many depe... accepted
1794 12 months ago enable test for issue436 for darcs-1 format accepted
1793 12 months ago break overlong lines in partitionConflictingFL accepted
1792 12 months ago inline function Darcs.Patch.Named.namepatch (and 9 more) accepted
1791 12 months ago fix several uses of error where it shoul... (and 7 more) accepted
1790 12 months ago resolve issue2617: convert import crashes with out-of-... accepted
1789 12 months ago RepoModel tests: replace Either with an ... (and 8 more) accepted
1788 13 months ago several fixes in tests/failed-amend-shou... (and 2 more) accepted
1787 13 months ago accept issue2614: clone an unclean tag accepted
1786 13 months ago fix in move command after AnchoredPath refactor accepted
1785 13 months ago make API of Darcs.Repository.Rebase a bit more type safe accepted
1784 13 months ago treat path to unrevert bundle like all other repo paths accepted
1783 13 months ago simplify addPendingDiffToPending accepted
1782 13 months ago remove option --restrict-paths accepted
1781 13 months ago add progress reporting when creating packs accepted
1780 13 months ago minimize context inside unrevert patch at the head of ... accepted
1779 13 months ago increase progress rate from 1/s to 10/s in-discussion
1778 13 months ago replace Darcs.Util.Workaround.renameFile with System.D... accepted
1777 13 months ago Darcs.Util.Index: fixed documentation and code layout accepted
1776 13 months ago no coloring in progress reports for check/repair accepted
1775 13 months ago Assorted collection of minor code cleanups (18 patches) accepted
1774 13 months ago in some test scripts, remove test repos before creatin... accepted
1773 13 months ago create tentative version of rebase patch directly accepted
1772 13 months ago remove currentDirectory from TreeMonad in-discussion
1771 13 months ago fix: insert a valid date when creating anonymous named... accepted
1770 13 months ago fix in darcs check: withTempDir -> withDelayedDir accepted
1769 14 months ago resolve issue2441: use pager for darcs annotate accepted
1768 14 months ago make it clear that coercing Repository is "unsafe" accepted
1767 14 months ago Minor update to displayPath docs accepted
1766 14 months ago Test that the released patch index format is handled ok accepted
1765 14 months ago fix warning on Windows about noWorkingSe... (and 3 more) accepted
1764 14 months ago Re-mark issue1461 test as failing. accepted
1763 14 months ago resolve issue2603: warn and mark conflicts when cloning accepted
1762 14 months ago resolve issue2608: download _darcs/hashed_inventory separately accepted
1761 14 months ago remove duplicate definition of invertCommuter as inver... accepted
1760 14 months ago bugfix in Darcs.UI.Completion accepted
1759 14 months ago new implementation of http client based on http-conduit accepted
1758 14 months ago resolve issue2605: allow common patches to be non-consecutive rejected
1757 15 months ago accept issue2605: darcs crashes with duplicate patches accepted
1756 15 months ago fix in test script: pull "cd .." into if block accepted
1755 15 months ago disentangle D.R.State.filteredWorking accepted
1754 15 months ago fix in harness: don't suppress output from failed HUni... accepted
1753 15 months ago move cache related global variables to D.R.Cache and m... accepted
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