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2171 91 months ago darcs rebase pull presents suspendable patches unpleasantly needs-diagnosis/design  
2172 91 months ago darcs rebase pull -a is (half) interactive needs-diagnosis/design  
2247 90 months ago Rebase status messages being printed twice resolved  
2297 88 months ago Support x86_64 on Windows needs-diagnosis/design  
2282 88 months ago Attemping to pull from a rebase-in-progress repo shows patch which should never been seen. resolved ganesh
2365 73 months ago whatsnew fails in repos made with get --no-working-dir resolved  
2408 69 months ago Possible problem with Cabal <= 1.16 needs-diagnosis/design  
2341 67 months ago fix packs getting resolved  
2405 64 months ago patch index creation consumes too much memory resolved  
2411 64 months ago whatsnew --look-for-moves takes ages to complete resolved  
2426 64 months ago with rebase in progress, --last is off by one duplicate  
2113 64 months ago useless error message after ssh host key change on the remote server resolved  
2260 64 months ago darcs changes --last n doesn't take account of rebase patch resolved ganesh
2385 64 months ago darcs log is too slow resolved  
2410 64 months ago --look-for-replaces does not work in real world cases resolved  
2431 63 months ago darcs leaves empty files in repo resolved  
2432 63 months ago pull --reorder does not commute reordered patches resolved alex.aegf
2438 63 months ago patch index creation makes cloning much slower resolved  
2420 63 months ago darcs apply autocompletion is too slow resolved  
2446 62 months ago cleanly convert file moves in "convert export" resolved  
2338 62 months ago fix darcs dependencies with regards to Haskell Platform at time of release resolved  
2444 60 months ago default interactivity of 'log' and 'rebase log' differs resolved  
2286 89 months ago darcs changes: basic usage results in "invalid byte sequence" resolved ganesh
2437 63 months ago cloning new repository with one patch from local path to ssh fails resolved  
2421 60 months ago Couldn't fetch ... while pulling (was: cloning) darcs repo resolved  
1204 102 months ago pull => src/Darcs/Patch/Real.lhs:(479, 21)-(497, 99): Irrefutable pattern failed for pattern Data.Maybe.Just a2 (2.1.0+236) needs-testcase  
2294 88 months ago darcs annotate fails to include some lines when patch index is enabled. needs-testcase bsrkaditya
2089 101 months ago replace --force UI is confusing resolved  
2137 100 months ago No regrets still prompts when amending a patch, with no changes needs-testcase  
1921 97 months ago darcs: bug at src/Darcs/Patch/Depends.hs:123 resolved  
2291 90 months ago darcs rebase suspend enters the rebase-in-progress state too early, causing "rebase in progress with 0 patches " duplicate  
2104 88 months ago attempt to write an invalid pending!" on "mark-conflicts needs-testcase  
2237 88 months ago gzcrcs test failure with 2.9.5 resolved  
2271 88 months ago darcs optimize --disable-patch-index should fail if it lacks write access to the patch index files resolved  
2248 84 months ago Rebase status message printed even if no patches suspended resolved  
2227 84 months ago trying to recontext rebase without rebase patch at head (not match) resolved  
2299 77 months ago darcs Setup.lhs with cabal HEAD broken (withTempFile changed) resolved  
1788 77 months ago DARCS_DONT_ESCAPE_8BIT, DARCS_APPLY_HTTP not mentioned in help resolved  
1999 77 months ago darcs help environment does not mention DARCS_DONT_ESCAPE_XXX variables resolved  
987 67 months ago fetching patches is way too slow duplicate  
1904 66 months ago cabal flag (default: False) to enable RTS flags resolved  
2414 66 months ago log -h/--hash does not always work resolved  
2429 64 months ago convert export looses file resolved  
2427 64 months ago incremental darcs convert export is broken resolved  
2333 63 months ago Error message when pushing and darcs not in path resolved  
2433 63 months ago darcs help texts are often out-dated resolved  
2102 62 months ago use of repository packs needs to be documented in the manual resolved  
2023 50 months ago cabal sdist fails resolved  
1203 66 months ago debian packaging: darcs needn't depend on exim wont-fix twb
2435 64 months ago scp noise when cloning from ssh wont-fix  
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