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ID Creation Title Status
2728 3 weeks ago replace our home-grown pretty printer with a library from hackage unknown
2727 1 month ago conflict resolution for named patches depends on patch order unknown
2726 1 month ago darcs should not hard-link files owned by another user unknown
2725 1 month ago _darcs/patch_index: darcs removes all permissions for group and others resolved
2724 1 month ago cannot push to wiki resolved
2723 2 months ago release 2.18.3 unknown
2722 2 months ago tests/issue2333.sh fails on MacOS with GHC >= 9.6 duplicate
2721 2 months ago all transaction commands fail on Windows with ghc >= 9.6 resolved
2720 2 months ago Mysterious test failures on MacOS with ghc >= 9.6 unknown
2719 2 months ago Adopt Cabal hooks unknown
2718 2 months ago review use of 'conflictedPaths' to decide if there are conflicts resolved
2717 3 months ago DST problem with match-date test unknown
2716 5 months ago encoding problem with directory 1.3.8 resolved
2715 5 months ago hub.darcs.net does not support "Extended Main Secret" resolved
2714 5 months ago cannot remove recursively resolved
2713 11 months ago bug in ghc-9.0.2 causes darcs crash in Ubuntu 23.04 unknown
2712 11 months ago selection: how to treat already decided patches unknown
2711 11 months ago boring file patterns work differently on Linux and Windows/Mac resolved
2710 12 months ago optimize uncompress + compress destroys sharing via hard links unknown
2709 12 months ago add tests to check which patches a tag explicitly depends on unknown
2708 12 months ago an idea to improve mark-conflicts resolved
2707 13 months ago revisit automatic file name for patch bundles unknown
2706 13 months ago tests failing because of extra "Identifying Repository ." output resolved
2705 13 months ago intermittent bad index in "rebase-amend" test unknown
2704 13 months ago darcs diff: no newline at end of output resolved
2703 14 months ago darcs log hangs after quitting pager unknown
2702 14 months ago darcs log -t '' fails with "This is a bug!" resolved
2701 15 months ago clone ssh repo fails when using Ctrl-C to stop getting patches resolved
2700 17 months ago rebase pull complains about conflicts with unrecorded changes resolved
2699 17 months ago obliterate and rebase suspend fail to adapt pending to the new state resolved
2698 17 months ago command to remove replace changes from pending unknown
2697 17 months ago amend --unrecord should move unrecorded changes to pending resolved
2696 18 months ago some commands (send, push, pull, ...) do not accept the --last option needs-implementation
2695 18 months ago `darcs log --hash x` is not equivalent to `darcs log --matches 'hash x'` resolved
2694 19 months ago IDNs work in HTTP URIs, not in SSH ones unknown
2693 19 months ago Visible stacktrace on bugs.darcs.net unknown
2692 26 months ago improve error handling when commutation of common patches fails unknown
2691 27 months ago QC test failure for betweenLinesPS resolved
2690 27 months ago CVE-2022-24765 unknown
2686 32 months ago boringfile inconsistently applied on one specific repo resolved
2684 34 months ago darcs repair destroys inventory structure unknown
2683 34 months ago push --mirror (aka --force, --obliterate, --clone) unknown
2682 37 months ago conflict not marked if tag pulled at the same time resolved
2677 38 months ago pull --reorder fails to copy patches has-patch
2676 40 months ago darcs bash autocompletion wont-fix
2675 40 months ago darcs pull --keep-working needs-implementation
2674 41 months ago moving unadded files resolved
2673 42 months ago clone: inconsistencies in destination dir (put vs. get) resolved
2672 43 months ago darcs clone creates extraneous "repo:." entries in _darcs/prefs/sources unknown
2671 43 months ago missing inventory files unknown
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