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2360 3 months ago D.R.Job: refactor RepoJob declaration wi... (and 1 more) needs-review
2359 3 months ago make partitionRL properly tail recursive in-discussion
2358 3 months ago optimize conflict resolution in tentativelyMergePatches_ needs-review
2357 3 months ago clean up parsing and showing of CacheLoc accepted-pending-tests
2356 3 months ago move prefsDir and prefsDirPath to D.R.Paths (and 1 more) needs-review
2355 3 months ago resolve issue2708: regard unrecorded changes as potent... review-in-progress
2354 3 months ago update and extend help about conflicts (and 1 more) needs-review
2353 3 months ago drop outdated constraint for aeson accepted
2352 3 months ago add --reorder-patches option to push (and 1 more) review-in-progress
2351 3 months ago fix logical bug in call to applyPatchesFinish accepted
2350 3 months ago bump version to 2.17.3 (and 1 more) accepted
2349 3 months ago fix tests/mark-conflicts.sh obsoleted
2348 3 months ago trivial simplification (and 2 more) accepted
2347 3 months ago tests/network/log.sh: http -> https for darcs.net accepted
2346 3 months ago tests: replace coverage comments with test accepted
2345 4 months ago update test to use https://darcs.net accepted
2344 4 months ago boring: fix dist-newstyle ignoring on ma... (and 2 more) accepted
2343 4 months ago fix mistake in import obsoleted
2342 4 months ago Wiki: Update VCS links mentioned on front page accepted
2341 4 months ago remove the --remote-repo option (and 1 more) review-in-progress
2340 4 months ago allow a few more tests to run on Windows accepted
2339 4 months ago make --boring mutually exclusive with --... (and 1 more) needs-review
2338 4 months ago mark-conflicts: report unmangled conflicts only if the... accepted
2337 4 months ago amend --ask-deps: ask about dependencies to drop accepted
2336 4 months ago RepoPatchV3: rename a local variable in ... (and 2 more) accepted-pending-tests
2335 4 months ago break out Darcs.Test.Patch.Types.Triple (and 8 more) accepted
2334 4 months ago add showPatchWithContext to Darcs.Patch.... (and 1 more) accepted
2333 4 months ago ci: fix a bug that caused tests to be run only for ghc... accepted
2332 4 months ago drop the now obsolete ApplyMonadBase accepted
2331 4 months ago improve some details regarding Commute laws (and 1 more) accepted
2330 4 months ago drop outdated tls constraint accepted
2329 4 months ago constrain aeson (indirect) dependency to < 2.2 obsoleted
2328 4 months ago tests fix: don't generate random date strings for Patc... accepted
2327 4 months ago WIP: support unix-2.8 obsoleted
2326 4 months ago cabal bounds: support leancheck 1.0 (and 7 more) accepted
2325 5 months ago add test for findCommonWithThem accepted
2324 5 months ago WIP properly track context changes when we rename a patch in-discussion
2323 5 months ago improve comments about RebaseName with n... (and 1 more) accepted
2322 5 months ago ci: use latest releases of ghc-9.2 and g... (and 2 more) accepted
2321 5 months ago two rebase improvements accepted
2320 5 months ago group --external-merge with the other conflict handlin... accepted
2319 5 months ago use --ignore-times in rebase-amend test rejected
2318 5 months ago minor code layout changes in V3.Core accepted-pending-tests
2317 5 months ago fix two typos in comments in RepoPatchV3 accepted
2316 5 months ago add proofs of impossibility for all error cases in V3.... review-in-progress
2315 5 months ago improve the interface of D.R.Inventory (and 9 more) accepted
2314 5 months ago increase limit for environment variable size and warn ... accepted
2313 5 months ago rebase: offer to revert conflicting unrecorded changes accepted
2312 5 months ago WIP disable tests/network/log in the CI accepted
2311 5 months ago new command: rebase edit (and 1 more) accepted
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